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Violet Broomfield (born 1906) c1911? 

Sidney Broomfield taken between 1899 and 1903. What a nice looking chap. Strange to believe that his great uncle George was sentenced to death for murder! 

Marriage of Sidney Broomfield and Lilian Sumpter, 1903.
Back: Thomas Killick, could be Hebe (sister of Lilian, aged 18 in 1903?), unknown best man(?), Alice Winifred Killick
Front: Alice Killick (nee Manfield), Sidney, Lilian and Albert Killick (Edna's dad!). 

The Broomfield Family c1911. Lilian, Violet, Sidney jnr. and Sidney snr. 

Sidney and Lilian Broomfield in 1926 

Memorial card for Andrew Broomfield 

Violet Clarke (nee Broomfield) is "helped" onto the bus. Don't know the date but, as Violet's husband died in 1975 and Violet died in 1990 it must be between these two dates. 

Taken from the back flap of Frank Buchman a life (1985) 

Death certificate of Albert Killick 

Gravestone of Thomas and Joyce Perry 

Dinner bill following marriage of John Dickinson and Jane Harris 

Marriage photo of John Dickinson Lean and Joan Rotherham 

A postcard sent from William Henry Smith to his half nephew Harry Valentine Smith. 

Postcard from William Henry Smith to Harry Valentine Smith.
The Orama was built in England in 1924 and her inaugural voyage was London to Brisbane. She was converted to a troop ship in 1940 and sunk on 8th. June 1940 with the loss of 19 dead and 280 taken prisoner. 

Loelia Ponsonby's book of photographic memories. A fascinating glimpse into the lives of the privileged. Pictured with (among many others) Errol Flynn and Ian Fleming (in fact, James Bond's secretary, in the books, was named Loelia Ponsonby!) 

Gravestone of William Stanley Adams 

Gravestone of Susy Stanley Adams nee Hugo 

A letter from Muriel Bromley-Davenport to Violet Hobbs regarding Violet's husband Fred. 

Sheet music (dated 1905) larger than A4 so not the complete cover. Is autographed by Frank Lambert, sadly not by Eustace! 

Sheet music published by Chappell & Co. The cover is larger than A4 so is severely truncated. 

Alfred Collins photographed in 1915. Killed in France on 26 April 1917. I added this (and the following one) on 11th. November 2020. I was thinking of him at 11 o'clock this morning. 

Alfred Collins taken in 1916 

Mum with her (favourite) uncle, George. He was killed in France on 7th. August 1944 and I'm adding this on the 11th. November 2020. I was thinking of him at 11 o'clock this morning. 

Sarah Ponsonby, one of the famous "Ladies of Llangollen". An early example of Gay Lib? 

Smith gravestone in Staines Cemetery 

Blue plaque in Rustington for Sir Hubert Parry. Taken from Wikimedia (see below). 

First Day Cover. 3.5p stamp shows the first motor fire engine, built by Merryweather & sons (founded by Moses Merryweather and joined by his son Richard). 

Dulce Dickinson circa 1898 

First day cover of the stamp set commemorating the centenary of Joseph Lister pioneering antiseptic surgery. The 4d. shows his carbolic spray dispenser and the 1/- is a portrait of himself. 

Vase for Harry and Irene Smith 
65 High Street, Egham
65 High Street, Egham
Clarke's butcher's shop was here from 1877 until 1998. The front wall (which is NOT as it was in 1877!) is listed so it is all that remains. Now a Costa Coffee - a sign of the times in our High Streets.
From c1923 to 1998 was Clarke Brothers. Also had premises at 67, High Street (now demolished), from c1946 to 1956, and 72, High Street from c1945 to 1993. 
Ada Killick
Ada Killick
Ada aged about 17 
Alan Johnstone, Diplomat (1858-1932)
Alan Johnstone, Diplomat (1858-1932)
I've just "stitched" a photo taken from Wikipedia (public domain) to the autograph of Arthur Ponsonby for comparison. 
All Hallows Church, South Cerney, Gloucestershire
All Hallows Church, South Cerney, Gloucestershire
Autographs of Arthur & Dorothea Ponsonby 27th. August 1898.
Autographs of Arthur & Dorothea Ponsonby 27th. August 1898.
Arthur worked in the British Legation in Copenhagen from 1898 to 1900. He hated it because he did not have enough work to do! Alan Johnstone (who's autograph is also there) was secretary of the Copenhagen Legation. In "Arthur Ponsonby, The Politics of Life" by Raymond A. Jones, Arthur reports, "The Johnstones are the regular Anglo-American diplomatic ménage, lots of money and very diplomatic." (Alan Johnstone married the American heiress, Antoinette Pinchot, in 1892). In 1905 he became Ambassador to Denmark. 
Biography of Henry Ponsonby
Biography of Henry Ponsonby
Cover of biography of Henry Ponsonby written by his son Arthur. 
Biography of Lord Lister
Biography of Lord Lister
Front page of Rickman Godlee's biography of his uncle, Lord Joseph Lister. Pity it's only a second edition! 
Captain Gerald Maurice Ponsonby
Captain Gerald Maurice Ponsonby
Cemetery Vase for Alice Lilian 'Babs' Collins
Cemetery Vase for Alice Lilian "Babs" Collins
Cremated at Slough Crematorium but ashes interred in Old Windsor. 
Cemetery vase for Fred Hobbs
Cemetery vase for Fred Hobbs
Christmas card from Aunt Dulce
Christmas card from Aunt Dulce
Dulce Dickinson was a great genealogist. In the late '40s she gave a handwritten book of the history of the Dickinson / Lean families to her great nephew, Michael Dickinson Lean. This was an unbelievable help to me in my research and, although some of it was wrong, it was incredible how much correct information she got in the days before the internet etc. I, obviously, never met her but she has a special place in my heart! 
Collins Family Grave at Old Windsor
Collins Family Grave at Old Windsor
Daisie Kilby Gravestone
Daisie Kilby Gravestone
Detail of 65, High Street, Egham
Detail of 65, High Street, Egham
Ethel Taylor
Ethel Taylor
Married late in life and, some years after her death (we didn't know) our nephew wrote to her last known address and got a reply from her widower! We visited him and had a very pleasant afternoon, getting lots of first hand information. Sadly, not too many years afterwards, our Christmas card received a reply from his solicitors notifying us of his death. Why, oh why, didn't I take a photo of John Lockett when we met him? 
Funeral Service for June
Funeral Service for June
Gravestone of 'Ted' or 'Eddie' Bartholomew
Gravestone of "Ted" or "Eddie" Bartholomew
Gravestone of Alice Killick nee Manfield
Gravestone of Alice Killick nee Manfield
Gravestone of Dorothea Cocking
Gravestone of Dorothea Cocking
Gravestone of George and Emily Stannett
Gravestone of George and Emily Stannett

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