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Death certificate of Albert Killick 

Dinner bill following marriage of John Dickinson and Jane Harris 

A letter from Muriel Bromley-Davenport to Violet Hobbs regarding Violet's husband Fred. 

Sheet music (dated 1905) larger than A4 so not the complete cover. Is autographed by Frank Lambert, sadly not by Eustace! 

Sheet music published by Chappell & Co. The cover is larger than A4 so is severely truncated. 

Sarah Ponsonby, one of the famous "Ladies of Llangollen". An early example of Gay Lib? 

First Day Cover. 3.5p stamp shows the first motor fire engine, built by Merryweather & sons (founded by Moses Merryweather and joined by his son Richard). 

First day cover of the stamp set commemorating the centenary of Joseph Lister pioneering antiseptic surgery. The 4d. shows his carbolic spray dispenser and the 1/- is a portrait of himself. 
Alan Johnstone, Diplomat (1858-1932)
Alan Johnstone, Diplomat (1858-1932)
I've just "stitched" a photo taken from Wikipedia (public domain) to the autograph of Arthur Ponsonby for comparison. 
Autographs of Arthur & Dorothea Ponsonby 27th. August 1898.
Autographs of Arthur & Dorothea Ponsonby 27th. August 1898.
Arthur worked in the British Legation in Copenhagen from 1898 to 1900. He hated it because he did not have enough work to do! Alan Johnstone (who's autograph is also there) was secretary of the Copenhagen Legation. In "Arthur Ponsonby, The Politics of Life" by Raymond A. Jones, Arthur reports, "The Johnstones are the regular Anglo-American diplomatic ménage, lots of money and very diplomatic." (Alan Johnstone married the American heiress, Antoinette Pinchot, in 1892). In 1905 he became Ambassador to Denmark. 
Biography of Henry Ponsonby
Biography of Henry Ponsonby
Cover of biography of Henry Ponsonby written by his son Arthur. 
Biography of Lord Lister
Biography of Lord Lister
Front page of Rickman Godlee's biography of his uncle, Lord Joseph Lister. Pity it's only a second edition!