Woolwich, Kent, England



Latitude: 51.4893911111111, Longitude: 0.06505


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Caroline Selecia  Between 1 Jul 1862 and 30 Sep 1862Woolwich, Kent, England I19167
2 Bell, Rosina Sarah  Abt 1864Woolwich, Kent, England I11325
3 Born, Arthur Thomas  26 May 1907Woolwich, Kent, England I17482
4 Butcher, James  13 Jun 1860Woolwich, Kent, England I2282
5 Crisp, Albert Leslie  10 Apr 1919Woolwich, Kent, England I19805
6 Crisp, Annie  17 Nov 1895Woolwich, Kent, England I19813
7 Crisp, Florence Eileen  1 Aug 1913Woolwich, Kent, England I19803
8 Crisp, Henry George  31 Jul 1898Woolwich, Kent, England I19814
9 Crisp, Leonard George  5 Jun 1915Woolwich, Kent, England I19804
10 Froud, Maud Emily  1886Woolwich, Kent, England I2568
11 Froud, Olive Harriet  Between 1 Oct 1878 and 31 Dec 1878Woolwich, Kent, England I2460
12 Graigg, Gordon William Thomas  4 Oct 1901Woolwich, Kent, England I10622
13 Harison, Edith Kate Herne  11 Mar 1847Woolwich, Kent, England I10916
14 Harison, Jane Elizabeth  Between 1 Apr 1845 and 30 Jun 1845Woolwich, Kent, England I10920
15 Hawkins, Agnes Emily  11 Dec 1891Woolwich, Kent, England I391
16 Hawkins, Charles Henry  1 Feb 1897Woolwich, Kent, England I393
17 Hawkins, Emily Maud  29 Sep 1895Woolwich, Kent, England I105
18 Hawkins, Florence Maud  27 Nov 1893Woolwich, Kent, England I392
19 Hawkins, Frederick  4 Jan 1900Woolwich, Kent, England I394
20 Hawkins, Leonard George  18 Mar 1907Woolwich, Kent, England I339
21 Hawkins, Thomas  23 Feb 1902Woolwich, Kent, England I288
22 Lomas, Irene May  27 Mar 1917Woolwich, Kent, England I75
23 Lomas, Phyllis Maud  26 Jun 1914Woolwich, Kent, England I131
24 Mason, Amelia  Abt 1908Woolwich, Kent, England I15223
25 Miller, Margaret Ann  Between 1 Oct 1848 and 31 Dec 1848Woolwich, Kent, England I17678
26 Mitchell, Albert Edward G.  Abt 1880Woolwich, Kent, England I11330
27 Mitchell, Jane K.  Abt 1885Woolwich, Kent, England I4433
28 Mitchell, Marion Winton  10 Dec 1889Woolwich, Kent, England I4434
29 Morris, Sarah  Abt 1848Woolwich, Kent, England I18883
30 Pelham, Ivy  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1904Woolwich, Kent, England I12092
31 Pelham, John  20 Jun 1905Woolwich, Kent, England I12091
32 Pelham, Phyllis Emma  10 Jan 1909Woolwich, Kent, England I566
33 Player, Frederick Charles  27 Oct 1885Woolwich, Kent, England I11324
34 Player, Gwendoline Olive  19 Nov 1919Woolwich, Kent, England I15231
35 Player, Mabel Fanny  Between 1 Oct 1891 and 31 Dec 1891Woolwich, Kent, England I11327
36 Player, Rosina Elizabeth  Between 1 Jan 1883 and 31 Mar 1883Woolwich, Kent, England I11323
37 Player, William Thomas  Between 1 Jul 1889 and 30 Sep 1889Woolwich, Kent, England I11326
38 Quarterman, Sarah Kate  Abt 1842Woolwich, Kent, England I19585
39 White, John Lewis  5 Dec 1815Woolwich, Kent, England I10171
40 Whitehead, Mary Ann  Between 1 Oct 1842 and 31 Dec 1842Woolwich, Kent, England I2657


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Pelham, John  12 Jul 1905Woolwich, Kent, England I12091
2 Pelham, Phyllis Emma  31 Jan 1909Woolwich, Kent, England I566


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crisp, Henry George  26 Jan 1945Woolwich, Kent, England I19812
2 Manfield, Emily  28 Aug 1864Woolwich, Kent, England I538


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bewicke, Wentworth Percival  1911Woolwich, Kent, England I13650
2 Froud, Edward  1881Woolwich, Kent, England I2087
3 Froud, Mary Ann  1901Woolwich, Kent, England I2655
4 Knott, Sarah Jane  1881Woolwich, Kent, England I8434
5 Main, Alexander Dehors  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I11618


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Froud, Henry  1881Woolwich, Kent, England I2656
2 Mitchell, Albert Edward G.  1911Woolwich, Kent, England I11330


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Aldridge, William George  1901Woolwich, Kent, England I8032
2 Crisp, Henry George  1901Woolwich, Kent, England I19812
3 Crisp, Henry George  1911Woolwich, Kent, England I19812
4 Dudley, Archibald Alexander  1901Woolwich, Kent, England I2662
5 Evans, Leonard  1911Woolwich, Kent, England I19802
6 Froud, Arthur Edwin  1901Woolwich, Kent, England I2665
7 Froud, Henry  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I2656
8 Froud, Henry  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I2658
9 Froud, Henry  1901Woolwich, Kent, England I2656
10 Froud, Mary Ann  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I2659
11 Hall, John Pegden  1901Woolwich, Kent, England I2461
12 Hawkins, Albert  1901Woolwich, Kent, England I282
13 Hawkins, Albert  1911Woolwich, Kent, England I282
14 Hawkins, Albert  1915Woolwich, Kent, England I282
15 Hawkins, Albert  1921Woolwich, Kent, England I282
16 Hawkins, Albert  1927Woolwich, Kent, England I282
17 Hawkins, Charles Henry  1911Woolwich, Kent, England I393
18 Hawkins, Charles Henry  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I393
19 Hawkins, Ernest Frank  1911Woolwich, Kent, England I388
20 Hawkins, Ernest Frank  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I388
21 Hawkins, Florence Maud  1921Woolwich, Kent, England I392
22 Hawkins, Frederick  1921Woolwich, Kent, England I394
23 Hawkins, Frederick  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I394
24 Hawkins, Gladys Audrey  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I573
25 Hawkins, Leonard George  1930Woolwich, Kent, England I339
26 Hawkins, Leonard George  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I339
27 Hawkins, Thomas  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I288
28 Hawkins, William Henry  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I8466
29 Hill, Charles Richard  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I17504
30 Knibbs, Alfred John  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I5555
31 Manley, James Alfred  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I15238
32 Mason, Harry  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I15221
33 Mason, William  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I8874
34 Mitchell, Andrew  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I519
35 Mitchell, Andrew  1901Woolwich, Kent, England I519
36 Mitchell, Jane K.  1901Woolwich, Kent, England I4433
37 Mitchell, Janet Hutton  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I518
38 Morgan, Robert John Henry  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I12202
39 Pelham, Thomas William  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I9996
40 Player, Albert George  1921Woolwich, Kent, England I572
41 Player, Albert George  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I572
42 Player, Frederick Charles  1901Woolwich, Kent, England I11324
43 Player, George Henry  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I11322
44 Player, George Henry  1901Woolwich, Kent, England I11322
45 Rayner, Frederick George  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I10631
46 Webb, Alexander Frederick  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I10630