Liverpool, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bayes, Richmond  Between 1 Jan 1865 and 31 Mar 1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England I12454
2 Blain, Laura Hughes  Between 1 Apr 1839 and 30 Jun 1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I14861
3 Blain, Thomas Arbuthnot  Between 1 Apr 1844 and 30 Jun 1844Liverpool, Lancashire, England I14860
4 Blain, William Hughes  Between 1 Jul 1842 and 30 Sep 1842Liverpool, Lancashire, England I14859
5 Bode, Henry Morell  13 Jun 1837Liverpool, Lancashire, England I12739
6 Colvile, Amelia Beatrice  Abt 1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I12046
7 Colvile, Rev. Henry Charles Asgill  11 May 1868Liverpool, Lancashire, England I12024
8 Colvile, Kathleen Jeanie  12 Sep 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I12045
9 Colvile, Lancelot Edward  31 Jan 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England I12044
10 Colvile, Nony Isabel  Abt 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England I12043
11 Colvile, Reginald Johnston Asgill  10 Jan 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I12042
12 Crosfield, Mary Sophia  Abt 1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7471
13 Curran, George  Abt 1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7452
14 Dickinson, Agnes Annie  1845Liverpool, Lancashire, England I160
15 Dickinson, Daisy  13 Dec 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I258
16 Dickinson, Isabella  4 Apr 1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I158
17 Dickinson, Jane Harris  28 Sep 1844Liverpool, Lancashire, England I159
18 Dickinson, John Edward  11 Oct 1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I17
19 Dickinson, Myra  31 Aug 1867Liverpool, Lancashire, England I259
20 Dickinson, Myra  6 Oct 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England I16
21 Dickinson, Richard Elihu  Between 1 Jan 1848 and 31 Mar 1848Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10788
22 Dickinson, Richard Elihu  16 Apr 1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England I161
23 Dickinson, Sarah Emily  13 Sep 1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I162
24 Dickinson, Sarah Maud  14 Jun 1864Liverpool, Lancashire, England I245
25 Diggles, Joseph  24 May 1778Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10783
26 Dobell, Alfred  20 Mar 1844Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11152
27 Dobell, Alfred Temple  12 Apr 1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11406
28 Dobell, Ann  7 Feb 1834Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11146
29 Dobell, Arthur E.  Between 1 Oct 1867 and 31 Dec 1867Liverpool, Lancashire, England I12919
30 Dobell, Catherine  15 Jul 1842Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11151
31 Dobell, Charles  Abt 1832Liverpool, Lancashire, England I12915
32 Dobell, Edward  17 Oct 1840Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11150
33 Dobell, Elizabeth  Abt 1837Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11148
34 Dobell, Elizabeth Annie  31 Mar 1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I855
35 Dobell, Emily Mawdsley  24 Sep 1862Liverpool, Lancashire, England I856
36 Dobell, Frederick Kirkpatrick  26 Jan 1846Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11153
37 Dobell, George Curzon  1 Nov 1830Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11145
38 Dobell, Henry  7 Apr 1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11149
39 Dobell, James Herbert  21 Jun 1848Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11154
40 Dobell, James Platt Mawdesley  Between 1 Apr 1875 and 30 Jun 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11481
41 Dobell, Katherine Louise  Between 1 Jan 1886 and 31 Mar 1886Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11407
42 Dobell, Mildred  Between 1 Jan 1881 and 31 Mar 1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11483
43 Dobell, Oswald  29 Apr 1864Liverpool, Lancashire, England I857
44 Dobell, Percy  29 Apr 1864Liverpool, Lancashire, England I851
45 Dobell, Reginald Blain  Between 1 Oct 1864 and 31 Dec 1864Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11408
46 Dobell, Richard Reid  Dec 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11482
47 Dobell, Thomas  20 Mar 1829Liverpool, Lancashire, England I853
48 Dobell, Winifred  Between 1 Jan 1885 and 31 Mar 1885Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11484
49 Gelder, Elizabeth  Abt 1825Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8558
50 Gladstone, William Ewart FRS FSS  29 Dec 1809Liverpool, Lancashire, England I13328

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Heathcote, Nancy Morten  3 Mar 1918Liverpool, Lancashire, England I20206


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blain, Jane Hughes  7 Sep 1887Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11155
2 Dobell, George  22 Apr 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11143
3 Dobell, George Curzon  18 Jan 1914Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11145
4 Jellicorse, Ellen Angela  6 Apr 1950Liverpool, Lancashire, England I17233
5 Ross, Charles George  9 Mar 1977Liverpool, Lancashire, England I17591


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brown, Sarah  1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I20
2 Dickinson, Sarah Emily  1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I162


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Dickinson, Dulce  1900-1906Liverpool, Lancashire, England I272


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Coney, Herbert  1868Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11179
2 Coney, John  1866Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11176
3 Dickinson, John Edward  1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I17
4 Dickinson, John Edward  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I17
5 Dickinson, John Edward  1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I17
6 Dickinson, Richard Elihu  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I161
7 Dobell, Alfred  1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11152
8 Dobell, Alfred  1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11152
9 Dobell, Edward  1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11150
10 Dobell, George  1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11143
11 Dobell, George  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11143
12 Dobell, George  1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11143
13 Dobell, George Curzon  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11145
14 Dobell, George Curzon  1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11145
15 Dobell, Henry  1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11149
16 Dobell, James Platt Mawdesley  1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11481
17 Dobell, Thomas  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I853
18 Dobell, Thomas  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I853
19 Holland, John Frank Mieville  1939Liverpool, Lancashire, England I17235
20 Rowe, William  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I12241
21 Tait, John Knox  1939Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1823
22 Tait, Margaret Fraser  1939Liverpool, Lancashire, England I15302
23 Thistlethwaite, Arthur Stanley  1910Liverpool, Lancashire, England I230
24 Vernon, Thomas  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dickinson, John Edward  1897Liverpool, Lancashire, England I17


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dickinson / Jackson  1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England F71
2 Hislop / Diggles  27 Jan 1831Liverpool, Lancashire, England F3689