Godalming, Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Amy  Between 1 Oct 1855 and 31 Dec 1855Godalming, Surrey, England I772
2 Ballard, Clarence Mansfield  11 Sep 1895Godalming, Surrey, England I1461
3 Coxhead, George  1824Godalming, Surrey, England I6451
4 Dudman, Miriam Sarah  1879Godalming, Surrey, England I3221
5 Edwards, John  Abt 1837Godalming, Surrey, England I19153
6 Hogsflesh, George  24 Mar 1840Godalming, Surrey, England I3034
7 Manfield, Arthur  1847Godalming, Surrey, England I1337
8 Manfield, Arthur  23 Aug 1889Godalming, Surrey, England I1344
9 Manfield, Cissie Ruth  18 Feb 1885Godalming, Surrey, England I1342
10 Manfield, Eliza  1848Godalming, Surrey, England I1319
11 Manfield, George  1846Godalming, Surrey, England I1323
12 Manfield, James  1835Godalming, Surrey, England I1357
13 Manfield, Lydia  1883Godalming, Surrey, England I1339
14 Manfield, Mary  1846Godalming, Surrey, England I1318
15 Manfield, Moses  1832Godalming, Surrey, England I1245
16 Manfield, Sophia  1838Godalming, Surrey, England I1358
17 Mayers, James  Abt 1826Godalming, Surrey, England I1458
18 Mayers, Lillie Elizabeth J.  Between 1 Apr 1887 and 30 Jun 1887Godalming, Surrey, England I7921
19 Mayers, Lydia  20 May 1857Godalming, Surrey, England I1338
20 Mayers, Mark  Between 1 Jan 1854 and 31 Mar 1854Godalming, Surrey, England I7917
21 Messenger, Arthur Edward  Between 1 Jan 1881 and 31 Mar 1881Godalming, Surrey, England I1354
22 Peto, Charles  Abt 1794Godalming, Surrey, England I7927
23 Peto, Elizabeth  Between 1 Jul 1837 and 30 Sep 1837Godalming, Surrey, England I7924
24 Peto, John  Abt 1767Godalming, Surrey, England I7929
25 Pullen, Elizabeth  Abt 1797Godalming, Surrey, England I7928
26 Slade, Edmund  Abt 1804Godalming, Surrey, England I6075
27 Slade, Emma  Abt 1837Godalming, Surrey, England I6082
28 Slade, Frederick  Abt 1833Godalming, Surrey, England I6080
29 Slade, George  Abt 1802Godalming, Surrey, England I6074
30 Slade, George  Abt 1825Godalming, Surrey, England I6077
31 Slade, Harriet  Abt 1811Godalming, Surrey, England I5954
32 Slade, Mary  Abt 1835Godalming, Surrey, England I6081
33 Slade, Sarah  Abt 1794Godalming, Surrey, England I6072
34 Slade, Thomas  Abt 1799Godalming, Surrey, England I6073
35 Sly, Ann  1807Godalming, Surrey, England I3782
36 Sly, Elizabeth  Abt 1804Godalming, Surrey, England I6253
37 Sly, Hannah  1819Godalming, Surrey, England I1336
38 Sly, Harriet  Abt 1809Godalming, Surrey, England I1464
39 Sly, John  Abt 1803Godalming, Surrey, England I6251
40 Sly, Kitty  Abt 1814Godalming, Surrey, England I6255
41 Sly, Mary  Abt 1800Godalming, Surrey, England I6249
42 Sly, Mary  Abt 1827Godalming, Surrey, England I3745
43 Sly, Sarah  Abt 1802Godalming, Surrey, England I6250
44 Sly, Sophia  Abt 1804Godalming, Surrey, England I6252
45 Sly, William  Abt 1811Godalming, Surrey, England I6254
46 Sly, William  Abt 1818Godalming, Surrey, England I6256
47 Sly, William  Abt 1824Godalming, Surrey, England I6257
48 Smith, Mary Catherine  Abt 1770Godalming, Surrey, England I14666
49 Woods, Emma  Abt 1825Godalming, Surrey, England I9043


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Badger, Jane or Jean  20 Nov 1603Godalming, Surrey, England I1273
2 Coxhead, George  12 Jan 1825Godalming, Surrey, England I6451
3 Manfield, Eliza  2 Jan 1849Godalming, Surrey, England I1319
4 Manfield, Mary  10 May 1846Godalming, Surrey, England I1318
5 Manfield, Mary Ann  13 Dec 1850Godalming, Surrey, England I1355
6 Pinkett, Joshua  28 Aug 1709Godalming, Surrey, England I1266
7 Pinkett, William  6 Aug 1640Godalming, Surrey, England I1270
8 Slade, Charles  31 Jan 1830Godalming, Surrey, England I6078
9 Slade, Emma  30 Jul 1837Godalming, Surrey, England I6082
10 Slade, Frederick  16 Jun 1833Godalming, Surrey, England I6080
11 Slade, George  25 Apr 1825Godalming, Surrey, England I6077
12 Slade, Henry  11 Mar 1827Godalming, Surrey, England I6079
13 Sly, Ann  7 Feb 1807Godalming, Surrey, England I3782
14 Sly, Elizabeth  26 Dec 1804Godalming, Surrey, England I6253
15 Sly, Harriet  18 Feb 1809Godalming, Surrey, England I1464
16 Sly, John  22 Jan 1803Godalming, Surrey, England I6251
17 Sly, Kitty  22 May 1814Godalming, Surrey, England I6255
18 Sly, Mary  25 Apr 1800Godalming, Surrey, England I6249
19 Sly, Mary  6 Jan 1828Godalming, Surrey, England I3745
20 Sly, Sarah  8 Mar 1802Godalming, Surrey, England I6250
21 Sly, Sophia  26 Dec 1804Godalming, Surrey, England I6252
22 Sly, William  6 Oct 1811Godalming, Surrey, England I6254
23 Sly, William  8 Mar 1818Godalming, Surrey, England I6256
24 Sly, William  13 Jun 1824Godalming, Surrey, England I6257


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ballard, Clarence Mansfield  26 May 1967Godalming, Surrey, England I1461
2 Ballard, Sidney  31 Dec 1907Godalming, Surrey, England I1460
3 Manfield, Arthur  9 Jan 1894Godalming, Surrey, England I1337
4 Manfield, David  1843Godalming, Surrey, England I1242
5 Manfield, George  1 Feb 1843Godalming, Surrey, England I1063
6 Mayers, Mark  Between 1 Jul 1904 and 30 Sep 1904Godalming, Surrey, England I7917
7 Messenger, Frederick  1895Godalming, Surrey, England I1346
8 Rampton, Sophia  1845Godalming, Surrey, England I1463
9 Slade, Charles  1832Godalming, Surrey, England I6078
10 Slade, Sarah  1795Godalming, Surrey, England I6072
11 Slade, Thomas  1829Godalming, Surrey, England I6066
12 Sly, Hannah  5 Mar 1892Godalming, Surrey, England I1336
13 Sly, Kitty  1837Godalming, Surrey, England I6255
14 Sly, Sarah  1802Godalming, Surrey, England I6250
15 Sly, William  1813Godalming, Surrey, England I6254
16 Sly, William  1824Godalming, Surrey, England I6257
17 Sly, William  1834Godalming, Surrey, England I1462
18 Woolger, Mary  Oct 1852Godalming, Surrey, England I1064


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Manfield, David  15 Oct 1843Godalming, Surrey, England I1242
2 Manfield, Elizabeth  1842Godalming, Surrey, England I1322
3 Rampton, Sophia  4 Jun 1845Godalming, Surrey, England I1463
4 Slade, Charles  26 Feb 1832Godalming, Surrey, England I6078
5 Slade, Henry  3 Feb 1828Godalming, Surrey, England I6079
6 Sly, Kitty  2 Apr 1837Godalming, Surrey, England I6255
7 Sly, Sarah  14 Mar 1802Godalming, Surrey, England I6250
8 Sly, William  6 Jun 1813Godalming, Surrey, England I6254
9 Sly, William  1 Nov 1824Godalming, Surrey, England I6257
10 Sly, William  10 Jul 1834Godalming, Surrey, England I1462


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Fane, John 10th. Earl of Westmorland  1771-1775Godalming, Surrey, England I10220


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Austin, William  1863Godalming, Surrey, England I6259
2 Bailey, Amy  1871Godalming, Surrey, England I772
3 Ballard, Sidney  1871Godalming, Surrey, England I1460
4 Ballard, Sidney  1881Godalming, Surrey, England I1460
5 Ballard, Sidney  1891Godalming, Surrey, England I1460
6 Ballard, Sidney  1894Godalming, Surrey, England I1460
7 Bookham, Archie David  1939Godalming, Surrey, England I15317
8 Burwood, Jane  1891Godalming, Surrey, England I7920
9 Burwood, Jane  1901Godalming, Surrey, England I7920
10 Coxhead, Charles  1825Godalming, Surrey, England I10898
11 Dudman, William  1881Godalming, Surrey, England I3220
12 Dudman, William  1901Godalming, Surrey, England I3220
13 Durrant, Annie Florence  1891Godalming, Surrey, England I970
14 Manfield, Alfred  1851Godalming, Surrey, England I1243
15 Manfield, Arthur  1885Godalming, Surrey, England I1337
16 Manfield, Arthur  1939Godalming, Surrey, England I1344
17 Manfield, Charles  1845Godalming, Surrey, England I1335
18 Manfield, Charles  1851Godalming, Surrey, England I1335
19 Manfield, Charles  1882Godalming, Surrey, England I1335
20 Manfield, George  1841Godalming, Surrey, England I1063
21 Manfield, George  1851Godalming, Surrey, England I1316
22 Manfield, James  1851Godalming, Surrey, England I1357
23 Manfield, Mary  1901Godalming, Surrey, England I1327
24 Manfield, Moses  1851Godalming, Surrey, England I1245
25 Mayers, Ada Louisa  1901Godalming, Surrey, England I7919
26 Mayers, James  1882Godalming, Surrey, England I1458
27 Mayers, Mark  1891Godalming, Surrey, England I7917
28 Mayers, Mark  1901Godalming, Surrey, England I7917
29 Messenger, Elsie Kathleen  1901Godalming, Surrey, England I1345
30 Messenger, Elsie Kathleen  1911Godalming, Surrey, England I1345
31 Messenger, Frederick  1881Godalming, Surrey, England I1346
32 Messenger, Frederick  1891Godalming, Surrey, England I1346
33 Messenger, Frederick James  1891Godalming, Surrey, England I1351
34 Messenger, Frederick James  1901Godalming, Surrey, England I1351
35 Messenger, Frederick James  1911Godalming, Surrey, England I1351
36 Newman, Harvey Walter  1901Godalming, Surrey, England I7922
37 Newman, William  1891Godalming, Surrey, England I7923
38 Peto, Charles  1841Godalming, Surrey, England I7927
39 Peto, Charles  1861Godalming, Surrey, England I7927
40 Peto, Charles  1871Godalming, Surrey, England I7927
41 Peto, Elizabeth  1901Godalming, Surrey, England I7924
42 Phillips, Frederick  1841Godalming, Surrey, England I8424
43 Phillips, Timothy  1851Godalming, Surrey, England I1480
44 Simmonds, Henry  1881Godalming, Surrey, England I2238
45 Slade, Thomas  1813Godalming, Surrey, England I6066
46 Sly, Hannah  1851Godalming, Surrey, England I1336
47 Sly, Mary  1851Godalming, Surrey, England I3745
48 Sly, William  1845Godalming, Surrey, England I1462
49 Smith, Caroline  1851Godalming, Surrey, England I8423
50 Swayne, John Arthur  1901Godalming, Surrey, England I5905

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Mayers, Lydia  Godalming, Surrey, England I1338

Voluntary Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Voluntary Service    Person ID 
1 Bookham, Archie David  1939Godalming, Surrey, England I15317


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Badger / Perier  1 Oct 1593Godalming, Surrey, England F410
2 Manfield / Clarke  7 Apr 1849Godalming, Surrey, England F430
3 Pinkett / Badger  21 May 1627Godalming, Surrey, England F409
4 Pinkett / Howard  2 Nov 1699Godalming, Surrey, England F407
5 Simmonds / Woods  2 Oct 1846Godalming, Surrey, England F2848