Chobham, Surrey, England



Latitude: 51.3536491666667, Longitude: -0.60618


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beauchamp, Daniel  Oct 1705Chobham, Surrey, England I10509
2 Beauchamp, John  Abt 1673Chobham, Surrey, England I10511
3 Beauchamp, Joseph  20 Aug 1758Chobham, Surrey, England I10507
4 Brightwell, Jane  21 Jun 1825Chobham, Surrey, England I2085
5 Cheeseman, James  Abt 1876Chobham, Surrey, England I16177
6 Collier, Ann  1707Chobham, Surrey, England I10510
7 Drew, Henry  Abt 1818Chobham, Surrey, England I1124
8 Drew, Sidney Dan  8 Apr 1918Chobham, Surrey, England I7738
9 Elliott, Martha  16 Mar 1866Chobham, Surrey, England I16669
10 Evershed, Sarah  Abt 1821Chobham, Surrey, England I8961
11 Gale, Jane  1 Apr 1858Chobham, Surrey, England I16653
12 Godfrey, Mary  1822Chobham, Surrey, England I1142
13 Hizzey, Annie  Between 1 Apr 1904 and 30 Jun 1904Chobham, Surrey, England I16166
14 Hizzey, Frederick William  Between 1 Oct 1899 and 31 Dec 1899Chobham, Surrey, England I16163
15 Hizzey, Minnie  Between 1 Jan 1909 and 31 Mar 1909Chobham, Surrey, England I16167
16 Hizzey, Robert  Abt 1891Chobham, Surrey, England I16161
17 Hizzey, Rose  Between 1 Oct 1902 and 31 Dec 1902Chobham, Surrey, England I16165
18 Hizzey, Sydney Albert  Between 1 Apr 1901 and 30 Jun 1901Chobham, Surrey, England I16164
19 Hizzey, Thomas  Between 1 Oct 1894 and 31 Dec 1894Chobham, Surrey, England I16162
20 Marten, Elizabeth  Abt 1675Chobham, Surrey, England I10512
21 Puttock, Ann  1867Chobham, Surrey, England I2379
22 Puttock, Caroline  1857Chobham, Surrey, England I2377
23 Puttock, John Evans  1861Chobham, Surrey, England I2390
24 Puttock, William  1861Chobham, Surrey, England I2378
25 Snook, Jane  Abt 1873Chobham, Surrey, England I16174
26 Snook, Priscilla  Abt 1878Chobham, Surrey, England I16175
27 Snook, Tryphena  Between 1 Apr 1880 and 30 Jun 1880Chobham, Surrey, England I16176
28 Spong, Alfred  Between 1 Jan 1873 and 31 Mar 1873Chobham, Surrey, England I16194
29 Spong, Alice  Abt 1883Chobham, Surrey, England I16654
30 Spong, Ann  Abt 1853Chobham, Surrey, England I16651
31 Spong, Edward  21 Mar 1891Chobham, Surrey, England I16656
32 Spong, Eliza  Abt 1863Chobham, Surrey, England I16643
33 Spong, Ellen Amelia  Between 1 Oct and 5 Nov 1899Chobham, Surrey, England I16659
34 Spong, Elsie  21 Dec 1902Chobham, Surrey, England I16660
35 Spong, Emily  10 Dec 1874Chobham, Surrey, England I16179
36 Spong, Florence Elizabeth  13 Nov 1885Chobham, Surrey, England I16663
37 Spong, James  Abt 1818Chobham, Surrey, England I16641
38 Spong, James  Abt 1878Chobham, Surrey, England I16661
39 Spong, Jessie  Abt 1880Chobham, Surrey, England I16662
40 Spong, Jethro  Abt 1865Chobham, Surrey, England I16644
41 Spong, Job  8 Nov 1893Chobham, Surrey, England I16657
42 Spong, John  Abt 1850Chobham, Surrey, England I16180
43 Spong, John  Between 1 Jul 1870 and 30 Sep 1870Chobham, Surrey, England I16193
44 Spong, Joseph  Between 1 Jan 1877 and 31 Mar 1877Chobham, Surrey, England I16195
45 Spong, Levi  Abt 1855Chobham, Surrey, England I16652
46 Spong, Mary  Between 1 Jan 1847 and 31 Mar 1847Chobham, Surrey, England I16650
47 Spong, Thomas  Abt 1888Chobham, Surrey, England I16655
48 Spong, William  21 Jul 1896Chobham, Surrey, England I16658
49 Spratley, Abraham  Abt 1781Chobham, Surrey, England I14363
50 Taylor, Harriet Laura  Abt 1842Chobham, Surrey, England I8995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Puttock, Ann  24 Mar 1867Chobham, Surrey, England I2379
2 Puttock, Caroline  30 Aug 1857Chobham, Surrey, England I2377
3 Puttock, William  20 Oct 1861Chobham, Surrey, England I2378


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beauchamp, Daniel  Mar 1777Chobham, Surrey, England I10509
2 Beauchamp, Joseph  1834Chobham, Surrey, England I10507
3 Clarke, Joseph Edmund  7 Jun 1926Chobham, Surrey, England I14941
4 Gale, Jane  15 Feb 1948Chobham, Surrey, England I16653
5 Lean, Frederick Phil Dickinson  2 May 1971Chobham, Surrey, England I11
6 Parkhurst, Mary Ann  Between 1 Jan 1895 and 31 Mar 1895Chobham, Surrey, England I544
7 Puttock, Caroline  1892Chobham, Surrey, England I2377
8 Scott, Sarah  15 Jul 1838Chobham, Surrey, England I10508
9 Urch, Mary Ann  26 Jan 1942Chobham, Surrey, England I14942

Cause of Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cause of Death    Person ID 
1 Lean, Frederick Phil Dickinson  2 May 1971Chobham, Surrey, England I11


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Burnham, Fred  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I17160
2 Burnham, Fred  1939Chobham, Surrey, England I17160
3 Cheeseman, James  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I16177
4 Clarke, Frank Henry  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I14940
5 Clarke, Frank Henry  1939Chobham, Surrey, England I14940
6 Clarke, Joseph Edmund  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I14941
7 Clarke, Joseph Edmund  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I14941
8 Clarke, Joseph Edmund  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I14941
9 Gale, Jane  1871Chobham, Surrey, England I16653
10 Gale, Jane  1877Chobham, Surrey, England I16653
11 Hizzey, George  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I16151
12 Hizzey, Robert  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I16161
13 Hizzey, Thomas  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I16162
14 Puttock, Caroline  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I2377
15 Puttock, George  1861Chobham, Surrey, England I2376
16 Puttock, George  1857-1901Chobham, Surrey, England I2376
17 Puttock, William  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I2378
18 Snook, Cornelius  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I16173
19 Snook, Henry  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I16155
20 Snook, Henry  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I16170
21 Snook, Henry  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I16155
22 Spong, Alfred  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I16194
23 Spong, Alice  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I16654
24 Spong, Edward  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I16656
25 Spong, Edward  1939Chobham, Surrey, England I16656
26 Spong, James  1861Chobham, Surrey, England I16641
27 Spong, James  1871Chobham, Surrey, England I16641
28 Spong, James  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I16641
29 Spong, James  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I16661
30 Spong, Job  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I16657
31 Spong, Job  1939Chobham, Surrey, England I16657
32 Spong, John  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I16180
33 Spong, John  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I16180
34 Spong, John  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I16180
35 Spong, John  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I16180
36 Spong, Joseph  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I16195
37 Spong, Levi  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I16652
38 Spong, Levi  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I16652
39 Spong, Levi  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I16652
40 Spong, Levi  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I16652
41 Spong, Mary  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I16648
42 Spong, Thomas  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I16655
43 Spong, William  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I16658
44 Spong, William  1939Chobham, Surrey, England I16658
45 Tinson, Charlotte  1861Chobham, Surrey, England I11557


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Drew / Holmes  8 Jan 1916Chobham, Surrey, England F2244