Chelsea, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adeane, Helena Olivia  Abt 1903Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12300
2 Adeane, Madeline Mabel Ambrose  Abt 1893Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12299
3 Adeane, Col. Sir Robert Philip Wyndham O.B.E.  3 Nov 1905Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12301
4 Axford, Ellen Olive  1882Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2638
5 Axford, Herbert Alfred  Between 1 Jul 1881 and 30 Sep 1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2637
6 Axford, Sarah Elizabeth  15 Feb 1886Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2640
7 Basebe, Arthur  11 Mar 1864Chelsea, Middlesex, England I13275
8 Basebe, Elizabeth  16 Sep 1857Chelsea, Middlesex, England I13279
9 Basebe, Ellen  9 Feb 1862Chelsea, Middlesex, England I13280
10 Basebe, Rosina  25 Sep 1859Chelsea, Middlesex, England I13274
11 Bourke, Hon. Henry Lorton  26 Sep 1840Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2887
12 Busby, Lucy  Abt 1853Chelsea, Middlesex, England I11985
13 Chrisp, Charles Christopher  14 Mar 1836Chelsea, Middlesex, England I17315
14 de Grey, Thomas 5th. Baron Walsingham  6 Jul 1804Chelsea, Middlesex, England I15512
15 Dobson, Letitia Emma  Between 1 Jul 1866 and 30 Sep 1866Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3840
16 Dobson, Mary  Abt 1879Chelsea, Middlesex, England I6822
17 Dobson, William Henry  5 May 1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3841
18 Froud, Alfred  1864Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2645
19 Froud, Alfred Edward  Between 1 Apr 1890 and 30 Jun 1890Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2648
20 Froud, Alice Lily V.  Between 1 Jul 1898 and 30 Sep 1898Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2650
21 Froud, Arthur  Between 1 Oct 1894 and 31 Dec 1894Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2649
22 Froud, Eliza  Between 1 Oct 1860 and 31 Dec 1860Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2635
23 Froud, Ephraim James  Between 1 Oct 1887 and 31 Dec 1887Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2647
24 Froud, Olive  Between 1 Jul 1900 and 30 Sep 1900Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2651
25 Froud, Queenie Corade  Between 1 Jul 1902 and 30 Sep 1902Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12500
26 Gribble, Capt. Julian Royds V.C.  5 Jan 1897Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12438
27 Gribble, Leslie Grace  Between 1 Jul and 30 Sep 1883Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12420
28 Gribble, Norah le Grand  Between 1 Jan 1886 and 31 Mar 1886Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12443
29 Gribble, Major Philip le Grand  6 May 1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12439
30 Gribble, Phyllis  Between 1 Jul 1882 and 30 Sep 1882Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12440
31 Gribble, Vivian Massie  Abt 1888Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12442
32 Hubbard, Joseph Henry  9 May 1875Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1924
33 Manns, Bernard  Abt 1888Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18031
34 Manns, Edward  Abt 1890Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18032
35 Manns, Henry George  11 Oct 1875Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18023
36 Manns, Matilda E.  Abt 1877Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18030
37 Miller, William John  5 Aug 1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I17112
38 Mitchelmore, Charles H.  Abt 1842Chelsea, Middlesex, England I11984
39 Mitchelmore, Charles H.  Abt 1872Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12731
40 Mitchelmore, George Sethbridge  Between 1 Oct 1879 and 31 Dec 1879Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12733
41 Mitchelmore, Joseph  Abt 1875Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12732
42 Perry, Alfred  Abt 1866Chelsea, Middlesex, England I990
43 Rackstraw, Bessie Rockstro  Between 1 Jul 1852 and 30 Sep 1852Chelsea, Middlesex, England I19306
44 Rogers, Emma Mary  25 Aug 1870Chelsea, Middlesex, England I19522
45 Skinner, Alice Lily  Abt 1868Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2646
46 Smith, Arthur Ernest  Abt 1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I11310
47 Smith, Daisy  Abt 1889Chelsea, Middlesex, England I4479
48 Smith, James Percy  Between 1 Apr 1892 and 30 Jun 1892Chelsea, Middlesex, England I8804
49 Smith, Lilian May or Lily Maud  Abt 1885Chelsea, Middlesex, England I15267
50 Smith, Rosina  Abt 1890Chelsea, Middlesex, England I4480

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Daniell, John Clarmont  28 May 1951Chelsea, Middlesex, England I11979
2 Leeson, Lady Barbara Emily Maria  8 Feb 1919Chelsea, Middlesex, England I20269
3 Mason, Alice Elizabeth  1 Nov 1946Chelsea, Middlesex, England I20113
4 Smith, Mary Catherine  28 Apr 1859Chelsea, Middlesex, England I14666
5 Starling, Edward  Jan 1888Chelsea, Middlesex, England I7489
6 Thumwood, Henry Frederick  1854Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18028
7 Weigall, Charles Harvey  11 Mar 1877Chelsea, Middlesex, England I13039
8 Weigall, Harriet  Jul 1885Chelsea, Middlesex, England I13040


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brightwell, Jane  1901Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2085
2 Froud, Edward  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2087
3 Leyborne-Popham, Elizabeth Susan  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I15727
4 Main, Arthur Henry  1901Chelsea, Middlesex, England I10039
5 Vincent, Frederick Charles  1851Chelsea, Middlesex, England I9774


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Axford, William John  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2636
2 Axford, William John  1901Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2636
3 Balfour, Archibald  1901Chelsea, Middlesex, England I11629
4 Balfour, Archibald  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I11629
5 Basebe, Samuel  1861Chelsea, Middlesex, England I13270
6 bevan, David Augustus  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I20275
7 Bevan, Maurice  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I15738
8 Bradford, Thomas  1851Chelsea, Middlesex, England I4969
9 Brightwell, Jane  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2085
10 Brightwell, Jane  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2085
11 Collins, Mary Ann  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I416
12 Dobson, Henry Richard  1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3839
13 Falkner, Matilda Lucy  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18027
14 Farquhar, Harvie Morton  1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I10880
15 Froud, Alfred  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2645
16 Froud, Alfred  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2645
17 Froud, Alfred  1901Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2645
18 Froud, Alfred Edward  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2648
19 Froud, Arthur  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2649
20 Froud, Ephraim James  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2086
21 Froud, Ephraim James  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2647
22 Froud, George William  1863Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2711
23 Froud, Jonathan  1861Chelsea, Middlesex, England I883
24 Froud, Martha  1841Chelsea, Middlesex, England I610
25 Froud, Martha  1851Chelsea, Middlesex, England I610
26 Froud, Martha  1861Chelsea, Middlesex, England I610
27 Froud, William  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2634
28 Froud, William Thomas  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I19417
29 Griffiths, John  1846Chelsea, Middlesex, England I9348
30 Lerew, Edith Laura  1901Chelsea, Middlesex, England I4767
31 Maddison, Percy Charles  1902Chelsea, Middlesex, England I10101
32 Maguire, James Joseph  1939Chelsea, Middlesex, England I19354
33 Manns, Henry  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18024
34 Manns, Henry  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18024
35 Manns, Henry George  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18023
36 Skinner, Alice Lily  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2646
37 Starling, Edward  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I7489
38 Symonds, John William  1901Chelsea, Middlesex, England I15266
39 Symonds, John William  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I15266
40 Thumwood, Henry John  1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18026
41 Thumwood, Henry John  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18026
42 Truebridge, Abraham Molas  1841Chelsea, Middlesex, England I9319
43 Verrinder, Dr. Charles Garland  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I17279

Voluntary Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Voluntary Service    Person ID 
1 Steedman, Muriel Amy  1939Chelsea, Middlesex, England I17784


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dobson / Froud  Between 1 Jul 1865 and 30 Sep 1865Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1183
2 Froud / Allsop  Between 1 Jul 1914 and 30 Sep 1914Chelsea, Middlesex, England F4320
3 Smith / Dobson  Between 1 Jul 1883 and 30 Sep 1883Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1184