Bath, Somerset, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brock, Elizabeth Alicia  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1840Bath, Somerset, England I10260
2 Burfitt, Amy  Abt 1845Bath, Somerset, England I17982
3 Burfitt, Eliza  Between 1 Oct 1837 and 31 Dec 1837Bath, Somerset, England I17979
4 Burfitt, Ellen  Between 1 Apr 1848 and 30 Jun 1848Bath, Somerset, England I17983
5 Burfitt, George  Between 1 Jul 1841 and 30 Sep 1841Bath, Somerset, England I17981
6 Burfitt, Jane  Abt 1835Bath, Somerset, England I17978
7 Burfitt, Shallott  Abt 1840Bath, Somerset, England I17980
8 Burfitt, Thomas  Abt 1831Bath, Somerset, England I17976
9 Burfitt, William  Abt 1808Bath, Somerset, England I17975
10 Bythesea, Frances Anne  4 Dec 1817Bath, Somerset, England I11713
11 Colvile, Amelia Elizabeth  Abt 1832Bath, Somerset, England I12056
12 English, Alfred Basil  Dec 1823Bath, Somerset, England I20252
13 Filor, William  Dec 1799Bath, Somerset, England I10028
14 Hamblin, Herbert  Between 1 Jan 1886 and 31 Mar 1886Bath, Somerset, England I10358
15 Hawkins, Muriel  Abt 1905Bath, Somerset, England I14745
16 Hemmings, Albert Charles  Between 1 Oct 1871 and 31 Dec 1871Bath, Somerset, England I7842
17 Hemmings, Daniel  Between 1 Apr 1864 and 30 Jun 1864Bath, Somerset, England I7839
18 Hemmings, Edward William  Between 1 Jul 1859 and 30 Sep 1859Bath, Somerset, England I9895
19 Hemmings, Frederick  Abt 1862Bath, Somerset, England I9896
20 Hemmings, Lucy  Between 1 Jul 1876 and 30 Sep 1876Bath, Somerset, England I2809
21 Hemmings, Rhoda  Between 1 Apr 1867 and 30 Jun 1867Bath, Somerset, England I7840
22 Hemmings, William  Between 1 Oct 1869 and 31 Dec 1869Bath, Somerset, England I7841
23 Inker, Caroline  Abt 1839Bath, Somerset, England I18006
24 Inker, Emlia  Abt 1837Bath, Somerset, England I18005
25 Inker, John  Abt 1803Bath, Somerset, England I18004
26 Inker, John  Abt 1841Bath, Somerset, England I18007
27 Inker, Thomas  Abt 1845Bath, Somerset, England I18008
28 Reader, Richard  Abt 1782Bath, Somerset, England I4520
29 Unknown, Martha  Abt 1791Bath, Somerset, England I13137


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Attwood, Mary  Sep 1819Bath, Somerset, England I17993
2 Bluett, Henry Christian  26 Jul 1866Bath, Somerset, England I16782
3 Brome, Mary Agnes Bythesea  19 Sep 1876Bath, Somerset, England I11463
4 Bythesea, Charlotte  27 Feb 1889Bath, Somerset, England I11714
5 Bythesea, Frances Anne  15 Dec 1854Bath, Somerset, England I11713
6 Bythesea, Rev. George  13 Dec 1853Bath, Somerset, England I11458
7 Bythesea, Major General Henry Francis  4 Aug 1895Bath, Somerset, England I11466
8 Cumming, Frances Catherine  11 Jun 1862Bath, Somerset, England I14044
9 Daniell, James Le Geyt  24 Feb 1919Bath, Somerset, England I11704
10 English, Alfred Basil  8 Sep 1866Bath, Somerset, England I20252
11 Glossop, Mary  1 May 1869Bath, Somerset, England I11459
12 Hammond, Anthony  Jan 1894Bath, Somerset, England I20027
13 Jodrell, Letitia Elizabeth  10 Jul 1760Bath, Somerset, England I13073
14 Kennard, Victoria Lily Hegan  2 Jun 1955Bath, Somerset, England I11203
15 Meredith, Eliza  4 Feb 1878Bath, Somerset, England I11717
16 Nelson, Rev. Edmund  26 Apr 1802Bath, Somerset, England I11868
17 Reid, Margaret Jeffrey  31 Jan 1954Bath, Somerset, England I12258
18 Rowe, Col. Octavius  12 Mar 1949Bath, Somerset, England I12250
19 Spencer, John 1st. Earl Spencer  31 Oct 1783Bath, Somerset, England I8622
20 Zebedee, Tom  24 Aug 1926Bath, Somerset, England I7671


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Goldney, Harry  1851Bath, Somerset, England I10196
2 Hemmings, Daniel  1901Bath, Somerset, England I2808


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Burfitt, Thomas  1851Bath, Somerset, England I17976
2 Burfitt, William  1851Bath, Somerset, England I17975
3 Crew, Henry  1857Bath, Somerset, England I481
4 Hawkins, Albert  1857Bath, Somerset, England I458
5 Hawkins, Rhoda  1901Bath, Somerset, England I622
6 Hawkins, William  1857Bath, Somerset, England I480
7 Hawkins, William  1861Bath, Somerset, England I480
8 Hawkins, William  1871Bath, Somerset, England I480
9 Hemmings, Lucy  1901Bath, Somerset, England I2809
10 Pitman, Lucy  1861Bath, Somerset, England I620
11 Pitman, Lucy  1871Bath, Somerset, England I620


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Nelson / Suckling  11 May 1749Bath, Somerset, England F4098