Cemeteries and Headstones in Cheshire, England

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Gravestone of Thomas Lomas and relatives
Gravestone of Thomas Lomas and relatives
Although I cannot find a direct link to my Lomases for this family, Thomas's granddaughter Lucy did marry a Gaskell who is connected to my Lomases. I found this out last year (2021) BUT, on checking, I found that, on my visit to Rainow 16 years ago I had taken a photo of this gravestone purely because it was a Lomas and, you never know! Now I do! 
    Joseph Bowden (d. Apr / May 1990)
Elizabeth Collier (d. 6 Oct 1940)
Mary Ann Hayes (d. 27 Feb 1890)
Elsie Lomas (d. Jul / Aug 1995)
George Lomas (d. 17 Jun 1927)
Thomas Lomas (d. 4 Jun 1862)
William Henry Lomas (d. 19 May 1860)
Eliza Sharpley (d. 12 Mar 1868)
Holy Trinity, Rainow
Holy Trinity, Rainow