Wonersh, Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Joshua  Abt 1817Wonersh, Surrey, England I9025
2 Batchelor, Martha  Abt 1825Wonersh, Surrey, England I2265
3 Broomfield, Alfred Henry  1875Wonersh, Surrey, England I357
4 Broomfield, Amelia  1857Wonersh, Surrey, England I2276
5 Broomfield, Amelia  1871Wonersh, Surrey, England I14312
6 Broomfield, Andrew  12 Mar 1851Wonersh, Surrey, England I356
7 Broomfield, Blanche Louisa  4 Apr 1877Wonersh, Surrey, England I14315
8 Broomfield, Catherine  1848Wonersh, Surrey, England I2243
9 Broomfield, Charles  1847Wonersh, Surrey, England I2209
10 Broomfield, Emily  1868Wonersh, Surrey, England I2217
11 Broomfield, Emily  21 Aug 1875Wonersh, Surrey, England I2225
12 Broomfield, George  Abt 1824Wonersh, Surrey, England I2233
13 Broomfield, George  1845Wonersh, Surrey, England I2208
14 Broomfield, George  Between 1 Apr 1874 and 30 Jun 1874Wonersh, Surrey, England I2215
15 Broomfield, Harry Herbert  Abt 1876Wonersh, Surrey, England I14316
16 Broomfield, Henry  1855Wonersh, Surrey, England I2212
17 Broomfield, James  1818Wonersh, Surrey, England I6203
18 Broomfield, James  1844Wonersh, Surrey, England I2207
19 Broomfield, James  Abt 1855Wonersh, Surrey, England I6208
20 Broomfield, John Henry  Abt 1857Wonersh, Surrey, England I6209
21 Broomfield, Joseph  1852Wonersh, Surrey, England I2211
22 Broomfield, Kate Charlotte  7 Mar 1865Wonersh, Surrey, England I14307
23 Broomfield, Mark  1861Wonersh, Surrey, England I2277
24 Broomfield, Mary Ann  1850Wonersh, Surrey, England I6207
25 Broomfield, Naomi  1866Wonersh, Surrey, England I2278
26 Broomfield, Naomi  Abt 1867Wonersh, Surrey, England I15017
27 Broomfield, Peter  1864Wonersh, Surrey, England I2280
28 Broomfield, Thomas  1849Wonersh, Surrey, England I2210
29 Broomfield, Thomas Charles  Abt 1846Wonersh, Surrey, England I6205
30 Broomfield, Thomas William  Between 1 Oct 1879 and 31 Dec 1879Wonersh, Surrey, England I2227
31 Broomfield, William  1821Wonersh, Surrey, England I2205
32 Broomfield, William  Abt 1869Wonersh, Surrey, England I14311
33 Broomfield, William George  Between 1 Jan & 31 Mar 1860Wonersh, Surrey, England I6210
34 Broomfield, Winifred May  Abt 1890Wonersh, Surrey, England I14329
35 Callingham, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1860Wonersh, Surrey, England I14310
36 Cannon, Louisa  1826Wonersh, Surrey, England I1359
37 Copas, George  Abt 1836Wonersh, Surrey, England I15027
38 Copas, Joseph  Abt 1839Wonersh, Surrey, England I15028
39 Cotterell, Elizabeth  Abt 1826Wonersh, Surrey, England I4036
40 Cotterell, Francis  Abt 1823Wonersh, Surrey, England I14843
41 Cotterell, Mary Ann  Abt 1817Wonersh, Surrey, England I14844
42 Cotterell, Thomas  Abt 1790Wonersh, Surrey, England I4034
43 Cotterell, Thomas  Abt 1821Wonersh, Surrey, England I542
44 Durrant, Dinah  Abt 1797Wonersh, Surrey, England I15022
45 Edwards, Harry  Abt 1863Wonersh, Surrey, England I2223
46 Edwards, Sarah Ann  Between 1 Jan 1856 and 31 Mar 1856Wonersh, Surrey, England I4346
47 Goodchild, Alice Matilda  Between 1 Apr 1876 and 30 Jun 1876Wonersh, Surrey, England I1176
48 Goodchild, Caroline Kate  27 Jul 1898Wonersh, Surrey, England I1171
49 Goodchild, George  Between 1 Oct 1860 and 31 Dec 1860Wonersh, Surrey, England I1173
50 Goodchild, James Porter  25 Jun 1867Wonersh, Surrey, England I1169

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Joshua  17 Aug 1817Wonersh, Surrey, England I9025
2 Broomfield, Andrew  11 May 1851Wonersh, Surrey, England I356
3 Broomfield, Catherine  7 May 1848Wonersh, Surrey, England I2243
4 Broomfield, Emily  5 Jul 1868Wonersh, Surrey, England I2217
5 Broomfield, George  7 Mar 1824Wonersh, Surrey, England I2233
6 Broomfield, Joseph  13 Mar 1853Wonersh, Surrey, England I2211
7 Broomfield, Naomi  7 Apr 1867Wonersh, Surrey, England I2278
8 Broomfield, Peter  1 Jan 1865Wonersh, Surrey, England I2280
9 Broomfield, William  28 Oct 1821Wonersh, Surrey, England I2205
10 Cotterell, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1826Wonersh, Surrey, England I4036
11 Head, Anne  7 Jul 1850Wonersh, Surrey, England I2267
12 Head, Florence  7 Mar 1869Wonersh, Surrey, England I2273
13 Head, George  17 Mar 1822Wonersh, Surrey, England I2214
14 Head, George  1 Nov 1857Wonersh, Surrey, England I2269
15 Head, Josiah  14 Nov 1852Wonersh, Surrey, England I2268
16 Head, Lilian Georgina  3 Feb 1867Wonersh, Surrey, England I2272
17 Head, Louisa  3 Dec 1848Wonersh, Surrey, England I2266
18 Head, Miriam  4 Apr 1847Wonersh, Surrey, England I2213
19 Head, Richard  2 Apr 1862Wonersh, Surrey, England I2271
20 Head, William Thomas  1 Apr 1860Wonersh, Surrey, England I2270
21 Killick, Emily  3 Jan 1861Wonersh, Surrey, England I2411
22 Killick, James  10 Aug 1819Wonersh, Surrey, England I1299
23 Killick, William Ernest  5 May 1878Wonersh, Surrey, England I2410
24 Manfield, Ada Caroline  4 Sep 1864Wonersh, Surrey, England I561
25 Manfield, Alfred  5 Oct 1856Wonersh, Surrey, England I1361
26 Manfield, Miriam  26 Dec 1817Wonersh, Surrey, England I1287
27 Manfield, William  5 Oct 1856Wonersh, Surrey, England I1360
28 Punter, Ann  5 Apr 1730Wonersh, Surrey, England I3827
29 Punter, Ann  28 Aug 1763Wonersh, Surrey, England I3849
30 Punter, Elizabeth  20 Jan 1726Wonersh, Surrey, England I3825
31 Punter, Elizabeth  30 Oct 1757Wonersh, Surrey, England I3813
32 Punter, Hannah  22 Feb 1767Wonersh, Surrey, England I3850
33 Punter, Henry  30 Jan 1732Wonersh, Surrey, England I3828
34 Punter, Henry  5 Mar 1769Wonersh, Surrey, England I3851
35 Punter, Henry  22 Jan 1771Wonersh, Surrey, England I3791
36 Punter, John  27 Nov 1698Wonersh, Surrey, England I3822
37 Punter, John  27 Jan 1723Wonersh, Surrey, England I3824
38 Punter, Mary  8 Aug 1728Wonersh, Surrey, England I3826
39 Punter, Mary  13 Jul 1760Wonersh, Surrey, England I3815
40 Punter, Mary  18 Mar 1767Wonersh, Surrey, England I3845
41 Punter, Sarah  29 Nov 1768Wonersh, Surrey, England I3846
42 Punter, Thomas  12 Jun 1734Wonersh, Surrey, England I3810
43 Punter, William  28 Jan 1765Wonersh, Surrey, England I3816
44 Simmonds, Elizabeth  6 Apr 1834Wonersh, Surrey, England I2240
45 Simmonds, Esther  22 Sep 1822Wonersh, Surrey, England I2237
46 Simmonds, George  29 Jul 1827Wonersh, Surrey, England I2239
47 Simmonds, Hannah  10 Sep 1809Wonersh, Surrey, England I2234
48 Simmonds, Mary  29 Dec 1811Wonersh, Surrey, England I2235
49 Simmonds, Rose  17 Apr 1814Wonersh, Surrey, England I2236
50 Woolger, James  15 Apr 1759Wonersh, Surrey, England I2014

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowler, Ann  1817Wonersh, Surrey, England I3811
2 Broomfield, Amelia  1878Wonersh, Surrey, England I2276
3 Broomfield, James  1874Wonersh, Surrey, England I2228
4 Broomfield, Naomi  1870Wonersh, Surrey, England I2278
5 Bushby, William  Jul 1827Wonersh, Surrey, England I19246
6 Cooper, Walter  10 Dec 1964Wonersh, Surrey, England I17026
7 Dorling, Emily Mitchell  1865Wonersh, Surrey, England I1305
8 Hedger, Amelia  1838Wonersh, Surrey, England I2229
9 Killick, James  Mar 1807Wonersh, Surrey, England I19899
10 Killick, James  Jun 1808Wonersh, Surrey, England I613
11 Longhurst, Jane  1824Wonersh, Surrey, England I6192
12 Porter, Elizabeth  1833Wonersh, Surrey, England I2743
13 Porter, James  1814Wonersh, Surrey, England I2738
14 Porter, James  1867Wonersh, Surrey, England I1303
15 Punter, Thomas  1815Wonersh, Surrey, England I3810
16 Punter, Thomas  1825Wonersh, Surrey, England I3814
17 Risbridger, Elizabeth  1795Wonersh, Surrey, England I6219
18 Risbridger, John  1866Wonersh, Surrey, England I6194
19 Risbridger, Thomas  1801Wonersh, Surrey, England I633
20 Risbridger, Thomas  1838Wonersh, Surrey, England I637
21 Simmonds, Charlotte  1879Wonersh, Surrey, England I2206
22 Simmonds, Elizabeth  1834Wonersh, Surrey, England I2240
23 Simmonds, Henry  Mar 1894Wonersh, Surrey, England I2238
24 Tidey, Mary  1803Wonersh, Surrey, England I634
25 Woods, Elizabeth  3 Aug 1848Wonersh, Surrey, England I6067


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cotterell, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1854Wonersh, Surrey, England I4036
2 Simmonds, Charlotte  4 May 1879Wonersh, Surrey, England I2206
3 Simmonds, Elizabeth  12 Jun 1834Wonersh, Surrey, England I2240
4 Simmonds, Mary  7 May 1837Wonersh, Surrey, England I2235


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Martha  1901Wonersh, Surrey, England I2265
2 Horn, Catherine  1881Wonersh, Surrey, England I2457
3 Swayne, James Sidney  1871Wonersh, Surrey, England I14799
4 Venn, John  1891Wonersh, Surrey, England I2380


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employment    Person ID 
1 Manfield, Ada Caroline  1881Wonersh, Surrey, England I561


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Balchin, Albert  1891Wonersh, Surrey, England I9026
2 Balchin, Albert  1901Wonersh, Surrey, England I9026
3 Batchelor, Joshua  1891Wonersh, Surrey, England I9025
4 Broomfield, Andrew  1871Wonersh, Surrey, England I356
5 Broomfield, Andrew  1881Wonersh, Surrey, England I356
6 Broomfield, Charles  1861Wonersh, Surrey, England I2209
7 Broomfield, George  1841Wonersh, Surrey, England I2233
8 Broomfield, George  1861Wonersh, Surrey, England I2208
9 Broomfield, George  1881Wonersh, Surrey, England I2208
10 Broomfield, George  1891Wonersh, Surrey, England I2208
11 Broomfield, George  1891Wonersh, Surrey, England I2215
12 Broomfield, George  1901Wonersh, Surrey, England I2208
13 Broomfield, Henry  1871Wonersh, Surrey, England I2212
14 Broomfield, James  1841Wonersh, Surrey, England I2228
15 Broomfield, James  1851Wonersh, Surrey, England I6203
16 Broomfield, James  1861Wonersh, Surrey, England I2207
17 Broomfield, James  1861Wonersh, Surrey, England I6203
18 Broomfield, James  1871Wonersh, Surrey, England I2228
19 Broomfield, James  1871Wonersh, Surrey, England I6203
20 Broomfield, James  1881Wonersh, Surrey, England I6203
21 Broomfield, James  1891Wonersh, Surrey, England I6203
22 Broomfield, James  1901Wonersh, Surrey, England I2207
23 Broomfield, James  1911Wonersh, Surrey, England I2207
24 Broomfield, Joseph  1871Wonersh, Surrey, England I2211
25 Broomfield, Joseph  1881Wonersh, Surrey, England I2211
26 Broomfield, Mark  1881Wonersh, Surrey, England I2277
27 Broomfield, Peter  1881Wonersh, Surrey, England I2280
28 Broomfield, Thomas  1871Wonersh, Surrey, England I2210
29 Broomfield, Thomas Charles  1861Wonersh, Surrey, England I6205
30 Broomfield, William  1841Wonersh, Surrey, England I2205
31 Broomfield, William  1851Wonersh, Surrey, England I2205
32 Broomfield, William  1861Wonersh, Surrey, England I2205
33 Broomfield, William  1871Wonersh, Surrey, England I2205
34 Broomfield, William  1880-1881Wonersh, Surrey, England I2205
35 Broomfield, William  1901Wonersh, Surrey, England I2205
36 Broomfield, William George  1891Wonersh, Surrey, England I6210
37 Cobourn, William  1847Wonersh, Surrey, England I2242
38 Cooper, Walter  1939Wonersh, Surrey, England I17026
39 Copas, James  1841Wonersh, Surrey, England I15021
40 Cotterell, Thomas  1851Wonersh, Surrey, England I542
41 Cotterell, Thomas  1851Wonersh, Surrey, England I4034
42 Cotterell, Thomas  1861Wonersh, Surrey, England I542
43 Cotterell, Thomas  1871Wonersh, Surrey, England I542
44 Goodchild, Alice Matilda  1891Wonersh, Surrey, England I1176
45 Goodchild, George  1871Wonersh, Surrey, England I1174
46 Goodchild, George  1881Wonersh, Surrey, England I1173
47 Goodchild, James Porter  1881Wonersh, Surrey, England I1169
48 Goodchild, James Porter  1891Wonersh, Surrey, England I1169
49 Goodchild, James Porter  1901Wonersh, Surrey, England I1169
50 Goodchild, James Porter  1939Wonersh, Surrey, England I1169

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Batchelor / Clark  21 Mar 1815Wonersh, Surrey, England F2838
2 Broomfield / Anstey  25 Jul 1867Wonersh, Surrey, England F708
3 Broomfield / Glover  3 Mar 1880Wonersh, Surrey, England F721
4 Broomfield / Simmonds  28 Jan 1843Wonersh, Surrey, England F705
5 Horn / Broomfield  20 Aug 1866Wonersh, Surrey, England F717
6 Horn / Howell  Between 1 Apr 1872 and 30 Jun 1872Wonersh, Surrey, England F719
7 Killick / Dorling  7 Jul 1860Wonersh, Surrey, England F426
8 Killick / Lemon  1 Feb 1874Wonersh, Surrey, England F423
9 Killick / Porter  27 Oct 1872Wonersh, Surrey, England F428
10 Killick / Punter  17 Jan 1815Wonersh, Surrey, England F421
11 Punter / Dare  28 Dec 1761Wonersh, Surrey, England F1185
12 Punter / Mills  7 Nov 1696Wonersh, Surrey, England F1180
13 Punter / Parsons  16 Oct 1722Wonersh, Surrey, England F1177
14 Punter / Tucker  5 Jun 1764Wonersh, Surrey, England F1186
15 Swayne / Cotterell  15 Oct 1851Wonersh, Surrey, England F1296
16 Vickery / Simmonds  28 Sep 1845Wonersh, Surrey, England F906