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Annie Green, who is she and when did she die?

In September quarter in 1893, Annie Green married William Froud in Wandsworth District, Surrey, England. By 1911 William Froud was a widower. I cannot find a 1901 census record for William and family. According to the 1911 census the couple had 4 children, 2 still living. Checking Froud births in Chelsea, mother's maiden name Green, there ARE 4. All born between 1893 and 1896 and 2 died as infants. Therefore she was alive in 1896 and dead by 1911 but, I can't find Annie Froud dying in the Chelsea area between 1896 and 1911. Seems strange that they had a child a year between 1893 and 1896 and none afterwards, therefore I seem to think that she died shortly after 1896 OR, perhaps, because of the death of 2 children within a year, she had a breakdown and was committed or similar. Any thoughts anyone?
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