Jersey, Channel Islands



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Mabel Gertrude  Abt 1881Jersey, Channel Islands I10062
2 Collas, Elizabeth  Abt 1749Jersey, Channel Islands I17688
3 Collas, Jeanne  Abt 1754Jersey, Channel Islands I17699
4 Coombe, Elizabeth  Abt 1796Jersey, Channel Islands I17680
5 De Caen, Susanne  Abt 1727Jersey, Channel Islands I17693
6 Ennis, Amelia  17 Nov 1853Jersey, Channel Islands I9586
7 Ennis, Eliza  1820Jersey, Channel Islands I9578
8 Hamon, Edouard  Abt 1775Jersey, Channel Islands I17717
9 Hamon, Judith  Abt 1779Jersey, Channel Islands I17713
10 Huelin, Amelia  20 Jan 1859Jersey, Channel Islands I9602
11 Huelin, George  Abt 1805Jersey, Channel Islands I17737
12 Hugo, Blanche Laura  5 Aug 1853Jersey, Channel Islands I10577
13 Hugo, Julia Rosa  6 Feb 1850Jersey, Channel Islands I10575
14 Hugo, Susy Blanche Mary  11 Apr 1848Jersey, Channel Islands I10056
15 Hugo, William Eugene George  31 May 1857Jersey, Channel Islands I10569
16 Le Marquand, Elizabeth  Abt 1783Jersey, Channel Islands I20230
17 Le Marquand, Francois  Abt 1752Jersey, Channel Islands I17687
18 Le Marquand, Francois  Abt 1776Jersey, Channel Islands I17690
19 Le Marquand, Francois  Abt 1779Jersey, Channel Islands I17691
20 Le Marquand, George  Abt 1785Jersey, Channel Islands I20231
21 Le Marquand, Jean  Abt 1791Jersey, Channel Islands I20232
22 Le Marquand, Philippe  Abt 1793Jersey, Channel Islands I20233
23 Le Marquand, Raulin  Abt 1641Jersey, Channel Islands I17697
24 Le Marquand, Raulin  Abt 1681Jersey, Channel Islands I17694
25 Le Marquand, Raulin  Abt 1721Jersey, Channel Islands I17692
26 Le Marquand, Raulin  Abt 1748Jersey, Channel Islands I17696
27 Le Marquand, Raulin  Abt 1780Jersey, Channel Islands I17702
28 Le Marquand, Susanne  Abt 1699Jersey, Channel Islands I17703
29 Le Marquand, Susanne  Abt 1788Jersey, Channel Islands I17689
30 Lomas, Henry Jeffrey  Abt 1818Jersey, Channel Islands I17705
31 Michell, Maria  Abt 1811Jersey, Channel Islands I10919
32 Nicolle, Henry Alfred  Abt 1808Jersey, Channel Islands I17752
33 Nicolle, Jane Susanne  Abt 1838Jersey, Channel Islands I17755
34 Nicolle, Mary Eliza Jane  2 Apr 1853Jersey, Channel Islands I9589
35 Noel, Eliza  5 Sep 1844Jersey, Channel Islands I9584
36 Noel, Elizabeth  Abt 1829Jersey, Channel Islands I17718
37 Noel, George  1821Jersey, Channel Islands I2795
38 Noel, George Hugh  12 Apr 1843Jersey, Channel Islands I9579
39 Noel, Rev. James Coombe M.A.  20 Feb 1848Jersey, Channel Islands I9581
40 Noel, Jane  9 Dec 1850Jersey, Channel Islands I797
41 Noel, Jane Esther  Abt 1833Jersey, Channel Islands I17720
42 Noel, John Abraham  13 Jul 1846Jersey, Channel Islands I9580
43 Noel, John William  Abt 1836Jersey, Channel Islands I17719
44 Noel, Philip Laurens  29 Sep 1852Jersey, Channel Islands I9582
45 Sarre, Anne  Abt 1797Jersey, Channel Islands I17761
46 Sarre, Catherine  Abt 1799Jersey, Channel Islands I17762
47 Sarre, Elizabeth  Abt 1801Jersey, Channel Islands I17764
48 Sarre, Esther  Abt 1804Jersey, Channel Islands I17766
49 Sarre, Esther  Abt 1809Jersey, Channel Islands I17753
50 Sarre, Jean  Abt 1807Jersey, Channel Islands I17767

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hugo, Albert Edwin  17 Mar 1862Jersey, Channel Islands I10574
2 Hugo, Beatrice Alice  13 Dec 1865Jersey, Channel Islands I10579
3 Hugo, Blanche Laura  8 Feb 1854Jersey, Channel Islands I10577
4 Hugo, Julia Rosa  27 Mar 1850Jersey, Channel Islands I10575
5 Hugo, Maurice Emanuel Victor  4 Jan 1860Jersey, Channel Islands I10572
6 Hugo, Susy Blanche Mary  21 Jun 1848Jersey, Channel Islands I10056
7 Hugo, William Eugene George  30 Sep 1857Jersey, Channel Islands I10569


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Collas, Elizabeth  1824Jersey, Channel Islands I17688
2 Collas, Jean  1795Jersey, Channel Islands I17700
3 Collings, Joseph Thomas  1900Jersey, Channel Islands I17745
4 De Caen, Susanne  1797Jersey, Channel Islands I17693
5 Du Heaume, Jeanne  1796Jersey, Channel Islands I17701
6 Ennis, Abraham  24 Aug 1880Jersey, Channel Islands I17681
7 Le Marquand, Francois  1777Jersey, Channel Islands I17690
8 Le Marquand, Francois  1834Jersey, Channel Islands I17687
9 Le Marquand, Raulin  1787Jersey, Channel Islands I17696
10 Le Marquand, Raulin  1811Jersey, Channel Islands I17692
11 Le Marquand, Raulin  1856Jersey, Channel Islands I17702
12 Lean, Annie  2 Sep 1929Jersey, Channel Islands I359
13 Lomas, Nancy  9 May 1871Jersey, Channel Islands I17682
14 Noel, Hugh  Nov 1810Jersey, Channel Islands I17721
15 Noel, Hugh  1864Jersey, Channel Islands I17679
16 Noel, Jane Esther  1840Jersey, Channel Islands I17720
17 Sarre, Esther  1806Jersey, Channel Islands I17766


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Noel, George  1851Jersey, Channel Islands I2795