Watlington, Oxfordshire, England



Latitude: 51.6447983333333, Longitude: -1.01034972222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, William  Abt 1802Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I18371
2 Austin, Elizabeth  Abt 1767Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6931
3 Austin, Thomas  Abt 1763Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6934
4 Austin, William  Abt 1770Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6935
5 Austin, William  Abt 1777Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6936
6 Baker, Thomas  Abt 1805Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7403
7 Baker, Thomas  Abt 1831Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7404
8 Cooper, Simon  Abt 1649Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7030
9 Cooper, Simon  Abt 1679Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7028
10 Cooper, Symon  Abt 1597Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7034
11 Cooper, Tremore  Abt 1567Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I8901
12 Dandridge, Elizabeth  Abt 1858Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I5489
13 Dandridge, John  Abt 1862Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I5490
14 Dandridge, Martha  Abt 1854Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I5480
15 Dandridge, William  Between 1 Jul 1856 and 30 Sep 1856Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I5488
16 Fletcher, William  Abt 1787Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I3623
17 Floyd, Ann Bowl  Abt 1820Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7387
18 Floyd, Eliza Crook (base born d-o Alice)  Abt 1795Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6929
19 Floyd, Elizabeth  Abt 1786Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6926
20 Floyd, Sarah  Abt 1822Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7388
21 Fritwell, Margaret  Abt 1591Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7035
22 Heydon, Margaret  Abt 1653Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7031
23 Keeley, Annice Elizabeth  Between 1 Apr 1857 and 30 Jun 1857Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I13578
24 King, Amelia  Abt 1803Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7390
25 Smith, John  Abt 1835Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I3989
26 Varney, John Vernon  Abt 1839Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7240
27 Vernon, Amelia  Abt 1844Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7400
28 Vernon, Ann  Abt 1799Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7119
29 Vernon, Anne  Abt 1839Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7398
30 Vernon, Anne  Abt 1841Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7241
31 Vernon, Eleanor  Abt 1815Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I659
32 Vernon, Elizabeth  Abt 1809Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7123
33 Vernon, Elizabeth  Abt 1835Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7396
34 Vernon, Elizabeth  Abt 1858Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I14341
35 Vernon, Emma  Abt 1825Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7392
36 Vernon, Henry  Abt 1837Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7397
37 Vernon, James  Abt 1832Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7395
38 Vernon, James  Abt 1855Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I14340
39 Vernon, John  Abt 1789Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7117
40 Vernon, John  Abt 1793Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6925
41 Vernon, John  1841Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7399
42 Vernon, Joseph  Abt 1803Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7120
43 Vernon, Joseph  Abt 1827Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7393
44 Vernon, Mary  Abt 1848Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7242
45 Vernon, Mary Anne  Abt 1792Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7118
46 Vernon, Mary Anne  Abt 1830Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7394
47 Vernon, Sarah  Abt 1806Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7121
48 Vernon, Thomas  Abt 1808Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7122
49 Vernon, Thomas  Abt 1817Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7116
50 Vernon, William  Abt 1824Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7391

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Austin, Elizabeth  6 Jan 1768Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6931
2 Austin, Thomas  7 Aug 1763Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6934
3 Austin, William  1 May 1770Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6935
4 Austin, William  20 Jul 1777Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6936
5 Baker, Thomas  4 Aug 1805Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7403
6 Baker, Thomas  28 Aug 1831Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7404
7 Cooper, Simon  17 Aug 1679Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7028
8 Floyd, Ann Bowl  13 Aug 1820Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7387
9 Floyd, Eliza Crook (base born d-o Alice)  23 Aug 1795Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6929
10 Floyd, Elizabeth  23 Mar 1786Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6926
11 Floyd, Sarah  30 Jul 1822Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7388
12 Fritwell, Margaret  1 Sep 1591Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7035
13 King, Amelia  20 Mar 1803Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7390
14 Smith, John  29 Nov 1835Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I3989
15 Varney, John Vernon  17 Mar 1839Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7240
16 Vernon, Amelia  1 Sep 1844Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7400
17 Vernon, Ann  22 Sep 1799Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7119
18 Vernon, Anne  19 May 1839Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7398
19 Vernon, Anne  7 Mar 1841Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7241
20 Vernon, Eleanor  17 May 1815Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I659
21 Vernon, Elizabeth  21 Sep 1809Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7123
22 Vernon, Elizabeth  21 Apr 1835Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7396
23 Vernon, Emma  6 Nov 1825Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7392
24 Vernon, Henry  18 Jun 1837Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7397
25 Vernon, James  29 Apr 1832Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7395
26 Vernon, John  25 Nov 1789Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7117
27 Vernon, John  4 Sep 1796Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6925
28 Vernon, John  6 Jun 1841Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7399
29 Vernon, Joseph  10 Apr 1803Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7120
30 Vernon, Joseph  18 Nov 1827Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7393
31 Vernon, Mary  27 Feb 1848Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7242
32 Vernon, Mary Anne  22 Jul 1792Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7118
33 Vernon, Mary Anne  14 Feb 1830Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7394
34 Vernon, Sarah  26 Jan 1806Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7121
35 Vernon, Thomas  20 Mar 1808Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7122
36 Vernon, Thomas  26 Oct 1817Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7116
37 Vernon, William  10 Feb 1824Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7391


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Elizabeth  1831Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6931
2 Austin, Thomas  1763Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6934
3 Austin, William  1770Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6935
4 Baker, Thomas  1877Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7404
5 Bowl, John  1824Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7389
6 Broadway, Alice  1816Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6928
7 Butler, Dinah  1839Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7402
8 Cooper, Simon  1714Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7030
9 Cooper, Tremore  1633Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I8901
10 Darville, Anne  Sep 1881Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I9541
11 Floyd, Eliza Crook (base born d-o Alice)  Between 1 Oct 1865 and 31 Dec 1865Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6929
12 Floyd, Elizabeth  31 Mar 1855Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6926
13 Floyd, Thomas  1789Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6927
14 Heydon, Margaret  1695Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7031
15 Osten (Austin), Ann  26 Jan 1842Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6933
16 Varney, John Vernon  1889Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7240
17 Varney, Sarah  1892Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7239
18 Vernon, Elizabeth  1880Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7123
19 Vernon, John  1817Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6930
20 Vernon, John  1842Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7399
21 Vernon, Joseph  1860Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7120
22 Vernon, Thomas  1872Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7116


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Austin, Elizabeth  1 Apr 1831Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6931
2 Austin, Thomas  12 Sep 1763Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6934
3 Austin, William  3 Jun 1770Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6935
4 Baker, Thomas  23 Feb 1877Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7404
5 Baker, Thomas  9 Mar 1888Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7403
6 Bowl, John  6 Dec 1824Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7389
7 Broadway, Alice  11 Dec 1816Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6928
8 Brooks, Henry  19 Nov 1883Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I9540
9 Butler, Dinah  12 May 1839Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7402
10 Cooper, Simon  5 Dec 1714Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7030
11 Darville, Anne  27 Sep 1881Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I9541
12 Floyd, Eliza Crook (base born d-o Alice)  17 Nov 1865Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6929
13 Floyd, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1855Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6926
14 Floyd, Thomas  6 Jun 1789Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6927
15 Heydon, Margaret  25 Aug 1695Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7031
16 Osten (Austin), Ann  31 Jan 1842Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6933
17 Varney, John Vernon  18 Sep 1889Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7240
18 Varney, Sarah  6 Feb 1892Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7239
19 Vernon, Elizabeth  14 Jun 1880Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7123
20 Vernon, John  16 May 1817Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6930
21 Vernon, John  10 Jun 1842Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7399
22 Vernon, John  14 Nov 1883Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6925
23 Vernon, Joseph  29 Nov 1860Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7120
24 Vernon, Thomas  1 Oct 1872Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7116


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brooks, Henry  1881Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I9540
2 Dandridge, William  1881Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I5318
3 Darville, Anne  1881Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I9541
4 King, Amelia  1861Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7390
5 Vernon, Mary  1891Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7242


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Astin, Ann  1871Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I5319
2 Baker, Thomas  1851Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7403
3 Baker, Thomas  1851Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7404
4 Baker, Thomas  1861Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7403
5 Baker, Thomas  1861Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7404
6 Baker, Thomas  1871Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7403
7 Baker, Thomas  1871Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7404
8 Baker, Thomas  1881Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7403
9 Brooks, Henry  1851Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I9540
10 Brooks, Henry  1861Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I9540
11 Dandridge, Alfred  1861Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I5478
12 Dandridge, Elizabeth  1881Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I5489
13 Dandridge, William  1861Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I5318
14 Dandridge, William  1871Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I5318
15 Floyd, Eliza Crook (base born d-o Alice)  1820-1822Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6929
16 Floyd, Eliza Crook (base born d-o Alice)  1841Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6929
17 Floyd, Eliza Crook (base born d-o Alice)  1851Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6929
18 Floyd, Eliza Crook (base born d-o Alice)  1861Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6929
19 Tappin, John Treble  1891Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I13572
20 Varney, Sarah  1840Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7239
21 Varney, Sarah  1871Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7239
22 Varney, Sarah  1881Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7239
23 Varney, Sarah  1891Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7239
24 Vernon, Amelia  1861Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7400
25 Vernon, Anne  1851Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7398
26 Vernon, Elizabeth  1851Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7396
27 Vernon, Henry  1861Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7397
28 Vernon, James  1861Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7395
29 Vernon, John  1851Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6925
30 Vernon, John  1861Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6925
31 Vernon, John  1871Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6925
32 Vernon, John  1881Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I6925
33 Vernon, Joseph  1841Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7120
34 Vernon, Joseph  1851Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7120
35 Vernon, Thomas  1851Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7116
36 Vernon, Thomas  1861Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7116
37 Vernon, Thomas  1871Watlington, Oxfordshire, England I7116


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Austin / Osten (Austin)  1 Jul 1764Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F1966
2 Baker / Hoar  29 Jun 1856Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F2119
3 Baker / King  11 Apr 1785Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F2118
4 Baker / Vernon  11 Feb 1828Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F2117
5 Bowl / Floyd  19 Jan 1824Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F2114
6 Brooks / Franklin  1 Nov 1790Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F3073
7 Cooper / Heydon  28 Jul 1672Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F1997
8 Floyd / Broadway  12 Nov 1783Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F1964
9 King / Butler  18 Apr 1802Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F2116
10 Smith / Vernon  9 Jul 1835Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F215
11 Vernon / Austin  18 Dec 1785Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F1965
12 Vernon / Floyd  8 Nov 1813Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F1963
13 Vernon / King  5 Jul 1823Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F2115
14 Vernon / Varney  10 Oct 1840Watlington, Oxfordshire, England F2059