Bedfont, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Axten, Jane  6 Feb 1882Bedfont, Middlesex, England I15187
2 Day, Ann  1832Bedfont, Middlesex, England I18756
3 Day, Daisy  3 Jan 1897Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9827
4 Day, George  Abt 1830Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9304
5 Day, William  2 Apr 1875Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9825
6 Lewis, William Bannister  Abt 1827Bedfont, Middlesex, England I19018
7 Pain, Ann  Abt 1829Bedfont, Middlesex, England I17107
8 Powney, Emma Florence  19 Sep 1906Bedfont, Middlesex, England I15191
9 Powney, James William  15 Sep 1904Bedfont, Middlesex, England I15190
10 Powney, Prudence Mercy  5 Sep 1902Bedfont, Middlesex, England I15189


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Axten, Edmund  Feb 1928Bedfont, Middlesex, England I15188
2 Day, Ann  Jun 1833Bedfont, Middlesex, England I18756
3 Day, George  Aug 1906Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9304
4 Day, Mary Anne  Mar 1865Bedfont, Middlesex, England I18798
5 Hearne, Leander  Mar 1923Bedfont, Middlesex, England I20224
6 Lewis, William Bannister  May 1891Bedfont, Middlesex, England I19018
7 Powney, James William  1905Bedfont, Middlesex, England I15190
8 Wilks, Mary  Jul 1862Bedfont, Middlesex, England I18697


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Day, George  1901Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9304
2 Day, John  1881Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9305


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Aldridge, Alfred  1911Bedfont, Middlesex, England I13302
2 Axten, Edmund  1891Bedfont, Middlesex, England I15188
3 Axten, Edmund  1901Bedfont, Middlesex, England I15188
4 Axten, Edmund  1911Bedfont, Middlesex, England I15188
5 Axten, Edmund  1921Bedfont, Middlesex, England I15188
6 Axten, Jane  1901Bedfont, Middlesex, England I15187
7 Day, George  1851Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9304
8 Day, George  1855Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9304
9 Day, George  1861Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9304
10 Day, George  1871Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9304
11 Day, George  1881Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9304
12 Day, George  1891Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9304
13 Day, John  1841Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9305
14 Day, John  1851Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9305
15 Day, John  1861Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9305
16 Day, John  1871Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9305
17 Day, William  1891Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9825
18 Day, William  1939Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9825
19 Lawrence, James  1901Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9623
20 Ludford, Sarah Musson  1901Bedfont, Middlesex, England I4661
21 Matthews, Frederick George  1921Bedfont, Middlesex, England I10208
22 Powney, Edward James  1902Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9419
23 Powney, Edward James  1921Bedfont, Middlesex, England I9419
24 Wilks, Mary  1861Bedfont, Middlesex, England I18697