Staines, Middlesex, England



Latitude: 51.433454, Longitude: -0.511597


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashby, Agnes  Between 1 Oct & 31 Dec 1851Staines, Middlesex, England I19850
2 Ashby, Albert  Between 1 Jan & 31 Mar 1864Staines, Middlesex, England I19849
3 Ashby, Alexander  1 Mar 1829Staines, Middlesex, England I14147
4 Ashby, Alfred  22 Jun 1806Staines, Middlesex, England I14106
5 Ashby, Algernon Charles  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1852Staines, Middlesex, England I14384
6 Ashby, Alice  Abt 1844Staines, Middlesex, England I14169
7 Ashby, Ann  9 May 1764Staines, Middlesex, England I13965
8 Ashby, Ann  19 Feb 1827Staines, Middlesex, England I14146
9 Ashby, Augusta  29 Mar 1836Staines, Middlesex, England I14159
10 Ashby, Caroline  11 Jan 1814Staines, Middlesex, England I14125
11 Ashby, Catherine Sophia  27 Jun 1826Staines, Middlesex, England I14141
12 Ashby, Charles  28 Nov 1793Staines, Middlesex, England I14066
13 Ashby, Charles  19 Aug 1828Staines, Middlesex, England I14150
14 Ashby, Charles Heath  9 Oct 1804Staines, Middlesex, England I14105
15 Ashby, Charlotte  23 Apr 1807Staines, Middlesex, England I14107
16 Ashby, Edward  20 Dec 1806Staines, Middlesex, England I14072
17 Ashby, Edward Henry  Between 1 Jul and 20 Sep 1841Staines, Middlesex, England I14175
18 Ashby, Elaine Mary  28 Nov 1876Staines, Middlesex, England I14393
19 Ashby, Eleanor  15 Jan 1808Staines, Middlesex, England I14109
20 Ashby, Elizabeth  14 Jul 1772Staines, Middlesex, England I14017
21 Ashby, Elizabeth Sheldon Dudley  Between 1 Jul and 30 Sep 1852Staines, Middlesex, England I19848
22 Ashby, Elizabeth Skidmore  8 Aug 1805Staines, Middlesex, England I14024
23 Ashby, Elizabeth Sophia  Between 1 Jul and 30 Sep 1845Staines, Middlesex, England I14383
24 Ashby, Elizabeth Stevens  17 Mar 1811Staines, Middlesex, England I14075
25 Ashby, Elizabeth Stevens  22 Jan 1837Staines, Middlesex, England I14167
26 Ashby, Ellen  30 Oct 1816Staines, Middlesex, England I14128
27 Ashby, Ellen Margaret  Staines, Middlesex, England I20131
28 Ashby, Emily Jane  26 Sep 1824Staines, Middlesex, England I14136
29 Ashby, Emma Susanna  10 Aug 1820Staines, Middlesex, England I14132
30 Ashby, Ethel  Staines, Middlesex, England I20129
31 Ashby, Francis  28 Jan 1808Staines, Middlesex, England I14073
32 Ashby, Francis Tillyer  Between 1 Jul and 30 Sep 1850Staines, Middlesex, England I20137
33 Ashby, Frederick  26 Sep 1805Staines, Middlesex, England I14068
34 Ashby, Frederick William  25 Jun 1836Staines, Middlesex, England I14161
35 Ashby, George Crowley  13 Sep 1812Staines, Middlesex, England I14123
36 Ashby, Hannah  2 Mar 1761Staines, Middlesex, England I14015
37 Ashby, Hannah  6 May 1800Staines, Middlesex, England I14102
38 Ashby, Hannah  7 May 1803Staines, Middlesex, England I14104
39 Ashby, Harriot Pope  6 Feb 1810Staines, Middlesex, England I14074
40 Ashby, Henry  17 Nov 1789Staines, Middlesex, England I14064
41 Ashby, Henry  Between 1 Oct & 31 Dec 1848Staines, Middlesex, England I14381
42 Ashby, Henry John  21 Jan 1822Staines, Middlesex, England I14134
43 Ashby, Isabella  Abt 1843Staines, Middlesex, England I14168
44 Ashby, James  17 Aug 1831Staines, Middlesex, England I14153
45 Ashby, James Stevens  12 Apr 1804Staines, Middlesex, England I14071
46 Ashby, Jane  14 Jun 1811Staines, Middlesex, England I14116
47 Ashby, Jane  7 Jan 1838Staines, Middlesex, England I14164
48 Ashby, John J.P., D.L.  Between 1 Jul and 30 Sep 1849Staines, Middlesex, England I20117
49 Ashby, John  31 Aug 1812Staines, Middlesex, England I14124
50 Ashby, Joseph  6 Feb 1775Staines, Middlesex, England I14026

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Albright, Mary  6 Jul 1835Staines, Middlesex, England I13958
2 Ashby, Alexander  19 Oct 1905Staines, Middlesex, England I14147
3 Ashby, Alexander Lucas  30 Jan 1872Staines, Middlesex, England I14179
4 Ashby, Ann  24 Oct 1765Staines, Middlesex, England I13965
5 Ashby, Charles  5 Jan 1855Staines, Middlesex, England I14066
6 Ashby, Charles  10 Jun 1914Staines, Middlesex, England I14150
7 Ashby, Charles Heath  4 Nov 1827Staines, Middlesex, England I14105
8 Ashby, Edward  30 Mar 1869Staines, Middlesex, England I14072
9 Ashby, Edward Henry  16 Jun 1842Staines, Middlesex, England I14175
10 Ashby, Elizabeth Sheldon Dudley  13 Mar 1877Staines, Middlesex, England I19848
11 Ashby, Emma Susanna  5 Nov 1823Staines, Middlesex, England I14132
12 Ashby, Frederick  4 May 1873Staines, Middlesex, England I14068
13 Ashby, Frederick William  Oct 1923Staines, Middlesex, England I14161
14 Ashby, Harriot Pope  15 Feb 1825Staines, Middlesex, England I14074
15 Ashby, Henry  29 Nov 1890Staines, Middlesex, England I14381
16 Ashby, Henry John  30 Apr 1859Staines, Middlesex, England I14134
17 Ashby, James Stevens  18 Jun 1805Staines, Middlesex, England I14071
18 Ashby, Jane  1 Jun 1901Staines, Middlesex, England I14164
19 Ashby, Joseph  23 May 1833Staines, Middlesex, England I14026
20 Ashby, Joseph  22 Oct 1836Staines, Middlesex, England I14108
21 Ashby, Lucas  26 Dec 1841Staines, Middlesex, England I14160
22 Ashby, Lucy  11 Jan 1842Staines, Middlesex, England I14174
23 Ashby, Lydia  Between 1 Apr 1853 and 30 Jun 1853Staines, Middlesex, England I14016
24 Ashby, Morris  7 Apr 1879Staines, Middlesex, England I14130
25 Ashby, Muriel Cicely  21 Feb 1880Staines, Middlesex, England I20141
26 Ashby, Rebecca  26 Apr 1865Staines, Middlesex, England I14148
27 Ashby, Reginald Louis  11 Sep 1891Staines, Middlesex, England I20139
28 Ashby, Richard Henry Skidmore  12 Nov 1875Staines, Middlesex, England I20138
29 Ashby, Robert  18 Sep 1806Staines, Middlesex, England I13963
30 Ashby, Robert  28 Jul 1844Staines, Middlesex, England I13957
31 Ashby, Skidmore  17 Nov 1882Staines, Middlesex, England I14025
32 Ashby, Skidmore John  30 Dec 1929Staines, Middlesex, England I20130
33 Ashby, Sophia  23 Nov 1888Staines, Middlesex, England I14070
34 Ashby, Sophia  15 Feb 1900Staines, Middlesex, England I19846
35 Ashby, Susannah Lucas  24 May 1909Staines, Middlesex, England I14154
36 Ashby, Thomas  4 Feb 1813Staines, Middlesex, England I13959
37 Ashby, Thomas  20 Dec 1841Staines, Middlesex, England I13964
38 Ashby, Thomas  5 Apr 1866Staines, Middlesex, England I14062
39 Ashby, Thomas  16 Mar 1877Staines, Middlesex, England I14138
40 Ashby, Walter  4 May 1814Staines, Middlesex, England I14111
41 Ashby, William  19 Mar 1832Staines, Middlesex, England I13966
42 Barnes, Joseph Benjamin  16 Apr 1950Staines, Middlesex, England I18846
43 Bartle, Sarah Elizabeth  22 Feb 1961Staines, Middlesex, England I13675
44 Chandler, John  19 May 1813Staines, Middlesex, England I14018
45 Clark, Arthur Mills  31 May 1981Staines, Middlesex, England I19333
46 Coates, Henry  1839Staines, Middlesex, England I9187
47 Coates, Henry Thomas  Apr 1861Staines, Middlesex, England I9190
48 Coates, William  1893Staines, Middlesex, England I6687
49 Cooper, Sophia  1933Staines, Middlesex, England I9459
50 Crowley, Elizabeth  6 Dec 1912Staines, Middlesex, England I19847

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Albright, Mary  12 Jul 1835Staines, Middlesex, England I13958
2 Ashby, Robert  22 Sep 1806Staines, Middlesex, England I13963
3 Ashby, Thomas  11 Feb 1813Staines, Middlesex, England I13959
4 Ashby, William  25 Mar 1832Staines, Middlesex, England I13966
5 Crowley, Mary  13 Feb 1791Staines, Middlesex, England I13967
6 Wickens, Hannah  12 Nov 1818Staines, Middlesex, England I13960


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ashby, Charles  1911Staines, Middlesex, England I14150
2 Ashby, Susette  1881Staines, Middlesex, England I20156
3 Hart, Charlotte Mary  1939Staines, Middlesex, England I19331
4 Land, Edmund  1851Staines, Middlesex, England I1970
5 Ludford, Sarah Musson  1911Staines, Middlesex, England I4661
6 Pratley, Thomas  1901Staines, Middlesex, England I9465
7 Ridgers, Harriet  1881Staines, Middlesex, England I11113
8 Ridgers, Harriet  1891Staines, Middlesex, England I11113
9 Sherwood, Alice Mary Maud  1939Staines, Middlesex, England I10530


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Ashby, Charles  1881Staines, Middlesex, England I14150
2 Ashby, Charles  1891Staines, Middlesex, England I14150
3 Ashby, Edward  1851Staines, Middlesex, England I14072
4 Ashby, John J.P., D.L.  1871Staines, Middlesex, England I20117
5 Ashby, John J.P., D.L.  1881Staines, Middlesex, England I20117
6 Ashby, John J.P., D.L.  1891Staines, Middlesex, England I20117
7 Ashby, John J.P., D.L.  1901Staines, Middlesex, England I20117
8 Ashby, John J.P., D.L.  1911Staines, Middlesex, England I20117
9 Ashby, Mabel  1901Staines, Middlesex, England I20128
10 Ashby, Marcus Warner  1911Staines, Middlesex, England I20132
11 Ashby, Morris  1851Staines, Middlesex, England I14130
12 Ashby, Morris  1871Staines, Middlesex, England I14379
13 Ashby, Morris  1871Staines, Middlesex, England I14130
14 Ashby, Sheldon Dudley  1851Staines, Middlesex, England I14166
15 Ashby, Skidmore  1841Staines, Middlesex, England I14025
16 Ashby, Skidmore  1851Staines, Middlesex, England I14025
17 Ashby, Skidmore  1861Staines, Middlesex, England I14025
18 Ashby, Skidmore  1871Staines, Middlesex, England I14025
19 Ashby, Skidmore  1881Staines, Middlesex, England I14025
20 Ashby, Skidmore John  1911Staines, Middlesex, England I20130
21 Ashby, Thomas  1861Staines, Middlesex, England I14138
22 Ashby, Thomas  1871Staines, Middlesex, England I14138
23 Ashby, William Fowler  1861Staines, Middlesex, England I20115
24 Blay, Thomas  1881Staines, Middlesex, England I11191
25 Bond, Frederick Luke  1939Staines, Middlesex, England I10539
26 Bond, Mary Ann  1861Staines, Middlesex, England I10826
27 Bowd, John  1861Staines, Middlesex, England I11112
28 Bowd, John  1871Staines, Middlesex, England I11112
29 Brooker, Edward James Henry  1939Staines, Middlesex, England I4428
30 Brooker, John Edward  1959Staines, Middlesex, England I121
31 Clark, Alfred Clement  1939Staines, Middlesex, England I19335
32 Clark, Arthur Mills  1939Staines, Middlesex, England I19333
33 Clarke, James  1881Staines, Middlesex, England I19547
34 Clow, Arthur Edward  1911Staines, Middlesex, England I19196
35 Clow, Charles Daniel  1911Staines, Middlesex, England I19192
36 Clow, William Charles Daniel  1911Staines, Middlesex, England I19195
37 Coates, Agnes  1881Staines, Middlesex, England I4332
38 Coates, Agnes  1891Staines, Middlesex, England I4332
39 Coates, Alfred Gilbert  1891Staines, Middlesex, England I9183
40 Coates, Amelia Maria  1881Staines, Middlesex, England I6690
41 Coates, Arthur George  1901Staines, Middlesex, England I9184
42 Coates, Arthur George  1911Staines, Middlesex, England I9184
43 Coates, Charles Hayter  1851Staines, Middlesex, England I9189
44 Coates, Charlotte Jane  1881Staines, Middlesex, England I6691
45 Coates, Frank Hayter  1891Staines, Middlesex, England I9182
46 Coates, Frank Hayter  1901Staines, Middlesex, England I9182
47 Coates, Henry Thomas  1851Staines, Middlesex, England I9190
48 Coates, William  1851Staines, Middlesex, England I6687
49 Coates, William  1871Staines, Middlesex, England I6687
50 Coates, William  1881Staines, Middlesex, England I6687

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