Hanwell, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brampton, Caroline Amelia  6 Jul 1911Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17631
2 Godfrey, Caroline  14 Dec 1884Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17630
3 Hill, Florence Ann  9 Dec 1886Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17616
4 Lockey, Joshua William  Abt 1900Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17362
5 Macklin, Alfred  12 Dec 1879Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17333
6 Macklin, Alice  2 Mar 1881Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17330
7 Macklin, Caleb  Between 1 Oct 1872 and 31 Dec 1872Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17332
8 Macklin, Charlotte Annie  Between 1 Jan 1874 and 31 Mar 1874Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17345
9 Macklin, Elizabeth  Between 1 Apr 1875 and 30 Jun 1875Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17343
10 Macklin, Ellen  Between 1 Apr 1878 and 30 Jun 1878Hanwell, Middlesex, England I768
11 Macklin, Frank Ewen  Between 1 Jan 1892 and 31 Mar 1892Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17363
12 Macklin, Frederick Alfred  7 Sep 1870Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17331
13 Macklin, George Henry  Between 1 Jan 1883 and 31 Mar 1883Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17334
14 Macklin, James Richard  4 Jul 1893Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17337
15 Macklin, Kate  Between 1 Jul 1888 and 30 Sep 1888Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17338
16 Macklin, Lillie  Between 1 Jul 1890 and 30 Sep 1890Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17339
17 Macklin, Maud Marian  Between 1 Oct 1876 and 31 Dec 1876Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17342
18 Macklin, Rose Marian  Between 1 Jul 1884 and 30 Sep 1884Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17341
19 Macklin, Sarah Jane  Between 1 Jul 1869 and 30 Sep 1869Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17344
20 Mallam, Sarah  6 May 1847Hanwell, Middlesex, England I10700
21 Plumridge, Fanny  Between 1 Apr 1887 and 30 Jun 1887Hanwell, Middlesex, England I9877
22 Smith, Charles William  Between 1 Jan 1866 and 31 Mar 1866Hanwell, Middlesex, England I13796
23 Smith, James  1900Hanwell, Middlesex, England I769
24 Tye, Amelia Sarah  7 Feb 1843Hanwell, Middlesex, England I5816
25 White, James  Abt 1862Hanwell, Middlesex, England I18729
26 Wright, Evelyn Elizabeth  18 Jul 1920Hanwell, Middlesex, England I20282


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Higgs, William  1898Hanwell, Middlesex, England I9403


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Macklin, Joshua  1911Hanwell, Middlesex, England I10699


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Brampton, Caroline Amelia  1939Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17631
2 Brampton, Irene Jessie May  1939Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17632
3 Felton, Albert Edward  1954Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17541
4 Froud, Ellen  1861Hanwell, Middlesex, England I2475
5 Goddard, Reginald Victor  1939Hanwell, Middlesex, England I18114
6 Lockey, William  1901Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17361
7 Macklin, Alfred  1901Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17333
8 Macklin, Alfred  1911Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17333
9 Macklin, Caleb  1891Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17332
10 Macklin, Caleb  1901Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17332
11 Macklin, Constance Irene  1939Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17351
12 Macklin, Elizabeth  1891Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17343
13 Macklin, Frederick Alfred  1891Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17331
14 Macklin, Frederick Alfred  1939Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17331
15 Macklin, James Richard  1911Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17337
16 Macklin, James Richard  1939Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17337
17 Macklin, Joshua  1871Hanwell, Middlesex, England I10699
18 Macklin, Joshua  1881Hanwell, Middlesex, England I10699
19 Macklin, Joshua  1891Hanwell, Middlesex, England I10699
20 Macklin, Joshua  1901Hanwell, Middlesex, England I10699
21 Macklin, Kathleen Patricia  1939Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17350
22 Macklin, Kenneth James  1939Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17352
23 Macklin, Maud Marian  1891Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17342
24 Macklin, Maud Marian  1901Hanwell, Middlesex, England I17342
25 Murrell, Alfred  1911Hanwell, Middlesex, England I18066
26 Pendrey, James  1871Hanwell, Middlesex, England I11584
27 Smith, William Henry  1901Hanwell, Middlesex, England I764
28 Wright, Evelyn Elizabeth  1939Hanwell, Middlesex, England I20282
29 Wright, John Edward  1921Hanwell, Middlesex, England I20281
30 Wright, John Edward  1939Hanwell, Middlesex, England I20281