Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England



Latitude: 51.4840697222222, Longitude: -0.58048


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashby, Zoe Louise  Between 1 Jul 1865 and 30 Sep 1865Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I14406
2 Baines, Eliza  Abt 1827Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6866
3 Barnes, Sarah  Abt 1815Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I10154
4 Beasley, Nancy  Abt 1859Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I15345
5 Bowery, Mary  Abt 1878Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I17426
6 Branwell, Patrick Arthur Bronte  Between 1 Apr 1904 and 30 Jun 1904Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I12478
7 Brewer, Doris Victoria  9 May 1907Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I71
8 Brewer, Francis Victor  12 Jan 1906Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I70
9 Brewer, Reginald James  3 Jun 1908Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I72
10 Brewer, William Frederick  7 Dec 1904Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I69
11 Collins, William  16 Dec 1856Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I3124
12 Harding, Alice Matilda  Between 1 Apr 1897 and 30 Jun 1897Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I15004
13 Harding, Flossie Maud  Between 1 Jan 1899 and 31 Mar 1899Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I15005
14 Hawkins, Alan George  Between 1 Jul 1899 and 30 Sep 1899Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I17427
15 Hawkins, Allen  Between 1 Apr 1866 and 30 Jun 1866Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I17425
16 Hawkins, Isabel Constance Mary  25 Apr 1902Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I5608
17 Hoare, Alfred  1844Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I2065
18 Hoare, Ann  16 Dec 1799Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I5819
19 Hoare, Ann  Abt 1839Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I2926
20 Hoare, Azubah  8 May 1846Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I2927
21 Hoare, Charles  Abt 1807Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I464
22 Hoare, Elizabeth  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1867Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6828
23 Hoare, Elizabeth  1812Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I5821
24 Hoare, Elizabeth  Abt 1834Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I2925
25 Hoare, Georgina  Abt 1859Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6149
26 Hoare, Henry  Abt 1864Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6827
27 Hoare, James  Abt 1831Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I4642
28 Hoare, John  1805Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I5820
29 Hoare, John  1835Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I2067
30 Hoare, Louisa  Between 1 Jul 1841 and 30 Sep 1841Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I407
31 Hoare, Mary  16 Dec 1799Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I5818
32 Hoare, Mary Ann  1860Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I460
33 Hoare, Walter Charles Edward  30 Oct 1889Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6831
34 Hoare, William Henry James  4 Sep 1887Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6830
35 Hoare, William James  Abt 1862Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6826
36 Hopkins, Benjamin  Between 1 Jan & 31 Mar 1864Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I11572
37 Land, Harriet  Abt 1825Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I2274
38 Maynard, James  Between 1 Jul 1854 and 30 Sep 1854Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I8674
39 Mills, William Edward  Abt 1900Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I4183
40 Morgan, Caroline  Abt 1860Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I4228
41 Pearce, James Hale  Abt 1840Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I20003
42 Twitchen, Alfred Robert  8 May 1895Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6840
43 Twitchen, Alice  Between 1 Apr 1881 and 30 Jun 1881Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6834
44 Twitchen, Daisy Louisa  8 Feb 1893Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6839
45 Twitchen, Edith Emily  Between 1 Jan 1883 and 31 Mar 1883Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6835
46 Twitchen, Elizabeth Emma Georgina  Between 1 Apr 1889 and 30 Jun 1889Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6837
47 Twitchen, Harry Francis George  Between 1 Apr 1887 and 30 Jun 1887Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6836
48 Twitchen, James  Between 1 Oct 1891 and 31 Dec 1891Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6838
49 Twitchen, Violet Evelyn Rose  Between 1 Oct 1902 and 31 Dec 1902Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6842
50 Twitchen, William Charles  Between 1 Jul 1898 and 30 Sep 1898Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6841


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Sarah  11 Jun 1815Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I10154
2 Hoare, Charles  4 Dec 1808Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I464
3 Hoare, Henry  3 Apr 1864Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6827


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Goddard, Robert  19 Apr 1938Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I18078
2 Hoare, Elizabeth  1816Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I5821
3 Hoare, John  1842Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I5820


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Hawkins, Allen  1871Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I17425


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Sarah  1861Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I10154
2 Branwell, Capt. Arthur Milton Cooper  1911Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I12479
3 Brewer, Henry Ring James  1905-1907Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I82
4 Burr, Emma  1861Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6148
5 Dilly, William  1841Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I10153
6 Dilly, William  1851Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I10153
7 Dilly, William  1861Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I10153
8 Dilly, William  1871Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I10153
9 Eckett, Ernest Walter  1952Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I9380
10 Froud, Henry  1827Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I611
11 Froud, Rose Ann  1871Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I2526
12 Harding, William  1901Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I4169
13 Hawkins, Allen  1881Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I17425
14 Hawkins, Allen  1901Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I17425
15 Hoare, Charles  1841Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I464
16 Hoare, Charles  1861Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I2068
17 Hoare, Elizabeth  1881Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6828
18 Hoare, Georgina  1881Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6149
19 Hoare, Georgina  1901Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6149
20 Hoare, Henry  1891Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6827
21 Hoare, James  1861Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I4642
22 Hoare, James  1871Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I4642
23 Hoare, James  1881Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I4642
24 Hoare, James  1891Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I4642
25 Hoare, William James  1881Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6826
26 Knibbs, Leopold Brion  1939Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I9836
27 Margetts, Pansy Mabel  1939Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I8662
28 Pearce, James Hale  1871Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I20003
29 Pearce, James Hale  1881Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I20003
30 Pearce, James Hale  1891Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I20003
31 Twitchen, Alfred Robert  1891Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6832
32 Twitchen, Alfred Robert  1901Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6832
33 Twitchen, Alfred Robert  1911Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6840
34 Twitchen, Harry Francis George  1901Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6836
35 Twitchen, Harry Francis George  1911Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6836


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Prison    Person ID 
1 Twitchen, Harry Francis George  1909Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6836


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Summons    Person ID 
1 Twitchen, Harry Francis George  1908Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6836
2 Twitchen, Harry Francis George  1913Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I6836

Voluntary Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Voluntary Service    Person ID 
1 Knibbs, Leopold Brion  1939Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England I9836