Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England



Latitude: 51.4841625, Longitude: -0.524253888888889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Austin, Emma  Abt 1841Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I7447
2 Barrett, Alfred James  Abt 1857Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I6851
3 Barrett, David  Abt 1831Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19951
4 Barrett, George Henry  Abt 1855Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I6868
5 Barrett, James Henry  Between 1 Oct 1859 and 31 Dec 1859Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I6867
6 Chesterman, Louise Mary  12 Dec 1907Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I18635
7 Chesterman, William Sutherland  14 Aug 1906Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I373
8 Denyer, Maud  Between 1 Jan & 31 Mar 1873Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19977
9 Edwards, Christopher  27 Aug 1897Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I651
10 Edwards, Edith May  Between 1 Apr 1900 and 30 Jun 1900Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I652
11 Eldridge, Annie Elizabeth  Between 1 Jul 1909 and 30 Sep 1909Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I18644
12 Hart, Arthur Richard  Between 1 Jul and 30 Sep 1887Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19410
13 Hart, Charlotte Mary  22 Mar 1878Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19331
14 Hart, Reuben  Between 1 Jan and 31 Mar 1882Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19339
15 Hopkins, Adelaide Bertha  Between 1 Oct & 31 Dec 1877Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19500
16 Hopkins, Annie  Between 1 Oct & 31 Dec 1873Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19498
17 Hopkins, Benjamin Joseph  Between 1 Oct & 31 Dec 1859Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11569
18 Hopkins, Caroline  Between 1 Jan & 29 Mar 1868Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11573
19 Hopkins, Elizabeth  Between 1 Jul and 30 Sep 1858Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11568
20 Hopkins, Emma  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1870Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11575
21 Hopkins, Frederick Benjamin Joshua  Between 1 Oct & 31 Dec 1860Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11571
22 Hopkins, Henry  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1862Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11576
23 Hopkins, Minnie  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1872Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19497
24 Hopkins, Phoebe Jane  Abt 1833Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11256
25 Hopkins, Rachel Eleanor  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1866Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11570
26 Hopkins, William Edmund  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1869Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11574
27 Hopkins, William James  Between 1 Jul and 30 Sep 1875Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19499
28 Irons, Helena Mary  18 May 1870Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19962
29 Martin, Charlotte Elizabeth  18 Jul 1885Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19360
30 May, Laura  11 Apr 1870Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19969
31 Pendrey, Albert Edward  Between 1 Jan & 31 Mar 1873Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19955
32 Pendrey, Anne  Abt 1838Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11582
33 Pendrey, Arthur George  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1854Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19905
34 Pendrey, Bertha Lilian May  Between 1 Jan & 31 Mar 1902Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19971
35 Pendrey, Bertram Thomas  1870Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19954
36 Pendrey, Cyril Bertram  16 Apr 1900Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19970
37 Pendrey, Edith Susanna  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1878Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19958
38 Pendrey, Eliza  Abt 1829Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11579
39 Pendrey, Emily Minnie  Between 1 Jan & 31 Mar 1862Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19908
40 Pendrey, Emma  Abt 1834Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11565
41 Pendrey, Ernest  Between 1 Jul and 30 Sep 1881Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19960
42 Pendrey, Francis  8 May 1884Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19961
43 Pendrey, Frederick  Abt 1836Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11581
44 Pendrey, Frederick Henry  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1865Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19909
45 Pendrey, George  Abt 1823Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11577
46 Pendrey, Henry Hope  Between 1 Jul and 18 Sep 1845Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19902
47 Pendrey, James  Abt 1843Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11584
48 Pendrey, James Penfold  Between 1 & 14 Oct 1859Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19907
49 Pendrey, Joseph  Abt 1802Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11566
50 Pendrey, Lillian Rebecca  29 Jul 1876Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19957

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Smith, Thomas Edward  22 Oct 1899Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I980
2 Smith, William  1 Jan 1892Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I977


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Edwards, Fanny  1893Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I4075
2 Eldridge, Daisy Louisa  27 Jul 1972Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I18640
3 Hart, Charlotte  11 Feb 1888Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I13309
4 Hart, Reuben  Between 1 Jan and 31 Mar 1897Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19329
5 Hopkins, Benjamin  30 Sep 1876Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11558
6 Hopkins, Benjamin Joseph  1860Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11569
7 Hopkins, Rachel Eleanor  1867Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11570
8 Hopkins, William Edmund  1869Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11574
9 Jennings, Charlotte  Dec 1891Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19364
10 Pendrey, Frederick  1883Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11581
11 Pendrey, James  1873Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11584
12 Pendrey, Joseph  1869Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11566
13 Saunders, Fanny  25 Dec 1897Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I379
14 Walker, Eliza  1870Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11567


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Eldridge, Daisy Louisa  1939Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I18640
2 Hoare, Ada  1939Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I18656
3 Pendry, Joshua Henry Hopkins  1871Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11259
4 Pendry, Phoebe Jane  1871Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11260


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Baines, Eliza  1861Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I6866
2 Barrett, David  1861Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19951
3 Barrett, David  1871Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19951
4 Barrett, David  1881Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19951
5 Barrett, David  1891Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19951
6 Barrett, David  1901Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19951
7 Barrett, James  1861Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I6865
8 Chesterman, Ernest  1939Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I15377
9 Chesterman, William  1911Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I13286
10 Chesterman, William  1939Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I13286
11 Eldridge, Ann Maria  1911Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I18639
12 Eldridge, Arthur Joseph  1911Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I18637
13 Eldridge, Daisy Louisa  1911Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I18640
14 Eldridge, George Ernest  1939Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19404
15 Eldridge, Isabel  1911Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I18641
16 Eldridge, Isabel  1939Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I18641
17 Eldridge, Rose Edith  1939Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I18643
18 Hart, Reuben  1861Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19329
19 Hart, Reuben  1871Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19329
20 Hart, Reuben  1881Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19329
21 Hart, Reuben  1891Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19329
22 Hart, Reuben  1901Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19339
23 Hart, Reuben  1911Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19339
24 Hopkins, Benjamin  1851Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11558
25 Hopkins, Benjamin  1861Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11558
26 Hopkins, Benjamin  1871Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11558
27 Hopkins, Benjamin  1871Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11564
28 Hopkins, Benjamin  1881Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11564
29 Hopkins, Benjamin  1881Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11572
30 Hopkins, Henry  1881Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11576
31 Hopkins, Henry  1901Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11576
32 Martin, Charlotte Elizabeth  1911Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19360
33 Matthews, James  1871Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19328
34 Pendrey, Arthur John  1891Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19956
35 Pendrey, Bertram Thomas  1891Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19954
36 Pendrey, Bertram Thomas  1901Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19954
37 Pendrey, Eliza  1851Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11579
38 Pendrey, Eliza  1871Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11579
39 Pendrey, Frederick  1851Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11581
40 Pendrey, Frederick  1861Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11581
41 Pendrey, George  1851Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11577
42 Pendrey, George  1861Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11577
43 Pendrey, James  1861Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11584
44 Pendrey, Joseph  1841Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11566
45 Pendrey, Joseph  1851Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11566
46 Pendrey, Joseph  1861Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11566
47 Pendrey, Shadrach  1891Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I19953
48 Pendrey, Thomas  1851Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I11580
49 Pendrey, William  1861Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I281
50 Pendry, George  1841Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I9435

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Pension    Person ID 
1 Lewington, Charles  1899Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England I6626


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coles / Lomas  4 Apr 1936Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, England F31