Clewer, Berkshire, England



Latitude: 51.4850006666667, Longitude: -0.627


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bartholomew, Maria  Abt 1864Clewer, Berkshire, England I4189
2 Burnham, Francis  10 Sep 1822Clewer, Berkshire, England I18751
3 Clark, Elizabeth  Abt 1812Clewer, Berkshire, England I6864
4 Dilly, Rebecca  Between 1 Oct 1840 and 31 Dec 1840Clewer, Berkshire, England I6147
5 Heath, Alfred Henry  Abt 1859Clewer, Berkshire, England I17105
6 Heath, Clara Ann  Abt 1846Clewer, Berkshire, England I17102
7 Heath, Frances  Abt 1855Clewer, Berkshire, England I17104
8 Heath, James Wilson  Between 1 Apr 1849 and 30 Jun 1849Clewer, Berkshire, England I17096
9 Heath, Maria Jane  Abt 1852Clewer, Berkshire, England I17103
10 Heath, Mary Elizabeth  Between 1 Oct 1843 and 31 Dec 1843Clewer, Berkshire, England I17101
11 Knibbs, Mercia Agnes Grace  Between 1 Jan & 31 Mar 1906Clewer, Berkshire, England I14546
12 Knibbs, Vivian Marcus  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1903Clewer, Berkshire, England I14545
13 May, Thomas  Between 1 Jul 1864 and 30 Sep 1864Clewer, Berkshire, England I9374
14 May, Walter  Abt 1863Clewer, Berkshire, England I9372
15 Merryman, Martha Ann  Abt 1876Clewer, Berkshire, England I9379
16 Morgan, John George  Abt 1798Clewer, Berkshire, England I4223
17 Pardoe, Elizabeth Ann  27 Apr 1867Clewer, Berkshire, England I18172
18 Parsons, William  Abt 1824Clewer, Berkshire, England I6702
19 Shanks, Henry John  11 Aug 1896Clewer, Berkshire, England I4340
20 Stannett, Caroline Lucy  Between 1 Jul 1870 and 30 Sep 1870Clewer, Berkshire, England I4824
21 Stannett, Thomas Richard  Between 1 Jul 1867 and 30 Sep 1867Clewer, Berkshire, England I15539
22 Sumner, Martha  Abt 1847Clewer, Berkshire, England I10543
23 Sumner, Thomas  Abt 1819Clewer, Berkshire, England I17094
24 Try, Archibald Edward  Between 1 Jul 1898 and 30 Sep 1898Clewer, Berkshire, England I5516
25 Try, Reginald A. R.  Between 1 Apr 1900 and 30 Jun 1900Clewer, Berkshire, England I5517
26 Vickers, Mary Jane  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1865Clewer, Berkshire, England I6829
27 Wroth, Sarah Ann  Between 1 Jan 1877 and 31 Mar 1877Clewer, Berkshire, England I17071
28 Wroth, Thomas  Abt 1822Clewer, Berkshire, England I7545


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Broomfield, Sidney Edmond  15 Mar 1908Clewer, Berkshire, England I550
2 Burnham, Francis  6 Oct 1822Clewer, Berkshire, England I18751
3 Dilly, Rebecca  18 Oct 1840Clewer, Berkshire, England I6147
4 Stannett, Henry Robert  13 May 1866Clewer, Berkshire, England I17811
5 Sumner, Martha  12 Sep 1847Clewer, Berkshire, England I10543
6 Sumner, Thomas  18 Jul 1819Clewer, Berkshire, England I17094
7 Vickers, Alfred Henry  10 Dec 1871Clewer, Berkshire, England I20285
8 Vickers, Mary Jane  20 Aug 1865Clewer, Berkshire, England I6829
9 Wroth, Ethel Kathleen  19 Oct 1879Clewer, Berkshire, England I17072
10 Wroth, Sarah Ann  1 Apr 1877Clewer, Berkshire, England I17071


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Jonas  Feb 1898Clewer, Berkshire, England I17092
2 Colman, Charlotte  Jul 1823Clewer, Berkshire, England I18758
3 Ruddick, Eliza Ellen  22 Sep 1908Clewer, Berkshire, England I7960
4 Stannett, Caroline Lucy  Oct 1871Clewer, Berkshire, England I4824
5 Wilson, Martha  Between 1 Oct 1881 and 31 Dec 1881Clewer, Berkshire, England I17098


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Stannett, Caroline Lucy  20 Oct 1871Clewer, Berkshire, England I4824


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Austin, Unity  1871Clewer, Berkshire, England I7449
2 Dandridge, John Adin  1911Clewer, Berkshire, England I2292
3 Nash, Susan  1911Clewer, Berkshire, England I2293


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Brion, Margaret  1901Clewer, Berkshire, England I5604
2 Brooks, Tom George  1881Clewer, Berkshire, England I11261
3 Collins, Elizabeth  1871Clewer, Berkshire, England I3887
4 Dandridge, Adin Walter  1901Clewer, Berkshire, England I5518
5 Dandridge, Harry Edward  1911Clewer, Berkshire, England I2297
6 Heath, Charles  1851Clewer, Berkshire, England I17099
7 Heath, Clara Ann  1861Clewer, Berkshire, England I17102
8 Heath, Emily Sophia  1881Clewer, Berkshire, England I17106
9 Heath, James Wilson  1881Clewer, Berkshire, England I17096
10 Heath, Maria Jane  1871Clewer, Berkshire, England I17103
11 Heath, Mary Elizabeth  1861Clewer, Berkshire, England I17101
12 Heath, William  1851Clewer, Berkshire, England I17097
13 Heath, William  1861Clewer, Berkshire, England I17097
14 Heath, William  1871Clewer, Berkshire, England I17097
15 Heath, William  1881Clewer, Berkshire, England I17097
16 Hoare, Ann  1861Clewer, Berkshire, England I2926
17 Knibbs, Henry  1901Clewer, Berkshire, England I5567
18 Knibbs, Henry  1911Clewer, Berkshire, England I5567
19 Knibbs, Henry James  1939Clewer, Berkshire, England I18017
20 Knibbs, Maurice Theodore  1911Clewer, Berkshire, England I9835
21 Knibbs, Victor Charles  1901Clewer, Berkshire, England I5632
22 Parsons, Joseph  1891Clewer, Berkshire, England I6701
23 Parsons, Joseph  1901Clewer, Berkshire, England I6701
24 Parsons, William  1891Clewer, Berkshire, England I6702
25 Pendry, Caroline Mary  1881Clewer, Berkshire, England I11257
26 Ruddick, Eliza Ellen  1901Clewer, Berkshire, England I7960
27 Saunders, Thomas  1881Clewer, Berkshire, England I3870
28 Stannett, Ada Florence  1911Clewer, Berkshire, England I812
29 Stannett, Albert Richard  1911Clewer, Berkshire, England I808
30 Stannett, George Henry  1911Clewer, Berkshire, England I806
31 Stannett, George Joseph  1871Clewer, Berkshire, England I4817
32 Stannett, Henry  1911Clewer, Berkshire, England I805
33 Sumner, Thomas  1851Clewer, Berkshire, England I17094
34 Sumner, Thomas  1861Clewer, Berkshire, England I17094
35 Sumner, Thomas  1871Clewer, Berkshire, England I17094
36 Sumner, Thomas  1881Clewer, Berkshire, England I17094
37 Sumner, Thomas  1891Clewer, Berkshire, England I17094
38 Try, Edward James  1901Clewer, Berkshire, England I2299
39 Vickers, Thomas William  1871Clewer, Berkshire, England I8350
40 Vickers, Thomas William  1881Clewer, Berkshire, England I8350
41 Vickers, William  1871Clewer, Berkshire, England I8352
42 Vickers, William  1881Clewer, Berkshire, England I8352
43 Wilson, Martha  1871Clewer, Berkshire, England I17098
44 Wilson, Martha  1881Clewer, Berkshire, England I17098
45 Wroth, Charles William  1901Clewer, Berkshire, England I17069
46 Wroth, Emily Elizabeth  1901Clewer, Berkshire, England I17073
47 Wroth, Sarah Ann  1901Clewer, Berkshire, England I17071
48 Wroth, Thomas  1881Clewer, Berkshire, England I7551
49 Wroth, Thomas  1901Clewer, Berkshire, England I7551
50 Wroth, Thomas  1911Clewer, Berkshire, England I7551


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Norris / Tindall  22 Aug 1819Clewer, Berkshire, England F6614